Today, my day off, I actually went out for coffee with a friend. Being a classic introvert it’s quite hard to actually go out and leave the house. On my days off I am absolutely done and have nothing to give anyone. But this friend is lovely and kind and also Highly Sensitive and an Empath so we get each other. We sit down and immediately go into the heavy topics, bypassing small talk and idle chit chat. It’s so refreshing. After that I went for groceries and had the best conversation with a little girl of three while we waited in line. In less than 4 minutes she told me she wanted a doctor’s stethoscope and a doll with lots of hair and toes for Christmas. She also told me she’s going to be a big sister soon, how her day at preschool went, that her mom was at work and she missed someone named Bella.

Tomorrow I am get my wreck of a hair cut and coloured. It’s at the stage where the only word that comes to mind is frump. Or sheepdog.

This is Norbert’s brand new Christmas collar. The one that he’d had on a few days ago while sitting in the box has bells missing and all frayed to hell. He is feeling fancy now.

I’m making a roast for dinner tonight because it’s a roast beef kind of of day.

Yesterday at work I was looking at the legs of an elderly lady. The are swollen to 3 times their size, covered in festering sores and her feet and nails were so brittle and dry. They were causing her a great deal of pain. She was crying. I knelt in front of her and asked about her pain level and and if it was worse than yesterday. I then smiled and asked her about what her legs were like when she was 18. Her eyes lit up and she let out a laugh. She told me that she worked at The Orpheum and she won 3 pairs of nylons for the sexiest legs! She made my day.

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  1. You know I am an intro. and an HS annd an empath, we would have such a good time talking. That’s one of my goals in life.
    I am so touched that you even thought of saying that to her. No else would, you are such a special and kind hearted woman, dear Birdie. xo
    Roast beef…..I am drooling. Potatoes too?

    • I have absolutely NO doubt that you made her day. As you do for so many people.
      Your day sounds much better than mine. I have spent it waiting for a parcel – which was supposed to be delivered yesterday and DEFINITELY going to be delivered today (and requires a signature). So far it is conspicuous by its absence.

  2. I love how you love people♥️ Glad you had some time with a kindred spirit. It’s good for the soul.

  3. HRH wants you to pass this message on to Norbert — “Rowrrrrr, you sexy Tom! Your fancy new Christmas collar would look good beside my cat bed, if you get my drift.” I’m sure I have no idea what she’s getting at.

  4. Wow! You had one hell of a great day. That poor old woman with the swollen legs made me cry. My dad had swollen feet and I used to massage them and cut his toenails for him. Talking to that little girl was so cute. She sure had a lot to say.
    Show us a picture of your new glasses with your hair cut and styled. I wanna see.

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