Weird Hobbies and I’m Becoming My Mother Part 274

I am not sure I have discussed an odd hobby of mine. When I tell most people I get strange looks and have been told outright that it’s creepy. The odd hobby is grave hunting through Find-a-Grave. Volunteers from all over the world take pictures of graves that are then added to a database. Yesterday I hunted around my local cemetery and looked for four graves. I found two that were clearly marked, another with just her first husband’s last name and the last was not marked at all. I have requested a few over the years. One was a first cousin four times removed (which means we shared a grandmother, his grandmother, my four times great grandmother). He died in WW 1 in 1915 at the age of 21 from a gunshot wound to the head. I waited a long time after the request was put in for that one. The other was my grandmother’s brother who only lived 19 days. I think the reason I love this hobby so much is many of these people, like my cousin and great uncle, have been forgotten. Neither married. Neither had children. All their immediate family died longg ago. These boys were loved and I think about a mother’s heart who would not want their children forgotten. Next spring I want to start photographing my entire local cemetery. It will probably take years but it’s something I love to do.

And yes, I am becoming my mother. I now officially hate going out after dark in the fall and winter. It’s cold and it makes my body ache.  Because of my Fuch’s dystrophy lights hurt my eyes and I can’t see. It’s not fun. My mother used to complain about the same problems. And I used to roll my eyes. Serves me right. Payback.

Yesterday we hauled out all our Christmas decorations. Over the last several years I have got rid of at least 50% of my decorations and only kept the ones that are sentimental. That still leaves me with 4 Rubbermaid totes! But how can I get rid of decorations made by my kids when they were just small? Or a little red boot that my grandmother gave me the first year I was on my own? My sister has given me some beautiful ornaments over the years as well. I rarely keep things these days but I just can’t part with my Christmas decorations. They are just things, just possessions, but they are things that remind me that I’m loved.

And here is a picture of Norbert in a box.



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  1. There is a cemetery here that is very, very old. It’s quiet and beautiful and every once in a while I go there to walk through the graves, a lot of which are babies. Most are from the 1800’s when I think the mortality rate was quite. They have the sweetest remembrances on them and the grave stones are tiny. I feel a bit as if I am sending them a recognition and honoring their tiny little lives. I don’t think your hobby is weird at all.

    I only decorate my tree with my grandma’s hand made jeweled balls and my daughter’s daughter’s little school projects. I’ll bet your tree is beautiful!

  2. I’ve whittled down my ornaments to what will fill one small bag, everything wrapped in tissue paper. I do have a few more boxes of very old ornaments that I got at the Goodwill a long time ago before they started being collectible. I love them because they are beautiful.
    Maurice came and sat on my lap earlier today while I was embroidering. She hasn’t done that in forever. And I would think it was a sign of affection but I know that it’s just because it’s so cold.

  3. I went in the loft last week to get out all the Christmas decorations and realised that all the boxes were filling the whole loft space. I find it quite hard to chuck stuff out though because it does have a great deal of sentimental value, and now my younger daughter has left home, even more.

    You can’t beat a photo of a cat in a box really.

  4. When David and I got married we started collecting Texas ornaments for our tree. Sometimes in the winter we take a trip around Texas and find a store in an out of the way place where ornaments from different small towns are sold. David and I are hoping to find some more this year.

  5. I for one do not think your hobby is weird or creepy at all. It’s a public service, really, to relatives and descendants who cannot travel to other places to see gravestones.

    Yeah, Christmas ornaments. I know what you mean. I have maybe half a dozen old, crappy, beat-up ornaments from when I was a child. I’ve tried to throw them out several times. They’re still there, in the Christmas box. Just can’t bring myself to do it. And you know, I am NOT a sentimental person, generally speaking.

  6. Not weird at all. Practical empathy on display.
    Love the Norbert photo. Boxes and cats are a match made in heaven aren’t they? Including the big cats (Youtube has some classic compilations).

  7. We share that genealogical bug! I have a quiet habit of going on Find-A-Grave and submitting edits to complete families based on my 23,000 member family tree. Ha. I don’t like the new format for Find-A-Grave. I liked it when you could see most everything in one place without having to scroll up.

  8. I don’t think your hobby is weird at all. It’s a great way to track down past or forgotten family members.

    Looks like Norbert is overflowing with holiday spirit…haha. Cats are always eager to help with the Christmas decorations, aren’t they?

  9. lol, becoming your mother. Isn’t it inevitable? My sister has become my mother and I have become so much like my father, (sigh). I’m still going to try to fight it though even if it is a losing battle. 🙂

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