A Costco Day

Last week I posted some pictures of some glasses I had taken on approval from Costco and today I went and ended up choosing a different pair. They are still purple so that’s good. But I tell you, there is nothing more humbling than to pick out glasses when you needed a haircut weeks ago with yeti eyebrows and adult acne. The acne is courtesy of forgetting to use my bioidentical progesterone cream for nearly a week when I had the flu.

Just yesterday I started a trial of Newspapers dot com and have since spent about 600 hours on there. I have found all sorts of information. There have been lots of obituaries which may sound morbid but are a geneology jackpot. I don’t think I’m going to keep the subscription after the trial because there are very few articles from Canada. This however, is an obituary for my 4 x great grandmother.

Well, as it is for anyone living on this side of the planet, it’s cold and dark and dreary. Mostly depressing but I do have Norbert. I paid $110.00 for him 13 years ago. That $8.46 worth of cat a year. I say he the Ungrateful Bastard and he is but I love that great furry ball of stripes. Cats are nice to have in December.

There is really not much going on so I will leave you with yet another riveting and exciting post.

Addendum – my 4 x great grandmother’s obituary.

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  1. 2 of our dogs sleep with us every night. A 60lb pitbull crawls in under the covers and curls up near my feet and I am so warm and toasty with him in there. My husband sleeps with a fan blowing even when it’s snowing outside! The second is a poodly mix that we bought years ago after my girl’s first stint in rehab….we thought, “it will give her something to take care of!” 🙄 And now she sleeps on our bed every night. LOL Pets are wonderful to have around….even fat bastards named Norbert. ❤️

  2. Girl, it is raining and cold here in Florida. And it’s going to get colder. Well, it’s about time.
    I think about Norbert a lot because Maurice acts so much like him. Why are our cats broken? If not broken, then at least wonky? And why do we love them so much anyway?

  3. I’m glad you settled on some specs and they are still purple. I want to see a photo. I also have an ungrateful bastard. I don’t know what I’d do without him. And I can relate to needing a haircut. I am getting a lot of unsolicited advice about what to do. I’ve grown it out and am finally able to put it in a pony tail. Several friends think I should cut it short and get it shagged. I was thinking I’d have a half inch cut off and a reshaping! I’m super sensitive and think my friends giving me this advice think I’m ugly… I’m so not sure what to do that I’m doing nothing. I am super depressed today. I’m looking for work in a half-assed way. I am retiring from my regular career of more then 30 years and it is hard to make this change. Have you ever felt so down that you were rendered paralyzed? That’s how I feel. Plus I feel guilty that I create my own problems when this happens. And I look around me at real tragedies like our fires and disability, etc. Despite that I remain unmotivated. Acchh.

    • Honestly? I feel paralyzed every single day. At my counseling appointment I told my therapist that everything seems so sad and hopeless. I have a lot of dark days. I find reasons to stay alive. My kids. My (step) dad. Blogging. My clients. I know I make a difference. But yes, I understand. I think depression is my default and I just need to keep finding good. Good things like this, connecting with another human being that I have never met. Sending you love. Breathe, dear one.

  4. Am I right in thinking it is the obituary for your 4 x grandfather rather than mother?
    I too would love to see your glasses.
    My own ungrateful bastard has put bloodstains on my current trousers. Again. Purring the whole time. He does (luckily for him) have a wonderful purr and is much loved despite his spikey ways.

    • Hahahhaha! Yes, 4 x great grandfather. I spent far too much time at Costco and I’m tired today.
      Purrs are a cats saving grace. I don’t know we would own them otherwise.

  5. #1 How’re you doing? Better I presume? I think I caught your flu. Called in today and probably do the same tomorrow unless an alien comes down and replaces me with a healthy body.

    #2 Cats cats cats ye-ah! Love me some kittybears! My cats are sleeping in my bed with the heating pad. Are they spoiled much?!?!? And N O R B E R T !!!!! Where is he? I’m feeling a photo deficit. Please post a little Norbie! 😻

    #3 Ugh … The job situation. We are so short staffed with so many process changes and our supervisor receiving an immediate elective demotion … We are suffering. I cannot continue to do this like this with an inexperienced manager who lacks empathy and is getting to be known as a firing micromanager. The morale is at the lowest I’ve seen. Ugh. Ugh … I miss how my job used to be. I’m grieving the loss of our supervisor and trying to stay afloat of the multiple sudden mandatory corporate changes.

    #4 And it’s snowing! Very rare in my Texas city. So beautiful. So welcome. January 2014 was the last snow. Some school districts are closed and there is no snow accumulation. Glad I don’t have to drive in … But not happy I’m under the weather.

    It took every ounce of energy to post this Ms. Birdie! Stay warm! It will be 28F here tonight ….brrrr! ⛄

    • I am feeling better but the cough with this one just hangs on.
      I will try to get a
      Norbert Christmas picture up soon. He loves Christmas. He does! So much to rip down and destroy! A good solid month to demolish. As for snow. It’s the other S-word. Hate it
      I hope you feel better. Sleep. Drink liquids. Watch Netflix. So say Birdie. Oh, and start blogging again. xo

  6. My sister lives in Ladysmith and does research on our family. She found the ship logs for when our grandparents and great grandparents came out to Vancouver Island in the 1890’s. I had not idea. It’s kinda cool.

    Just think, the days will be getting longer soon. Take care Birdie.

    • I’m counting the minutes until the days get longer. This time of the year is so hard. If your family has been here that long I wonder if any of our families married? Mine has been here since 1854.

  7. Cats are the best to have around in December, especially when they oblige to being foot warmers when I’m curled up on the couch. Congrats on finding new glasses. Fingers crossed you get a sunny reprieve from all the dark and dreary on your side of the world.

  8. Lucy had been sneaking into our bedroom at night for the past few nights now. She loves to sleep under my blanket. David runs the AC even in the winter if the temperature is above 50 outside. You said that site is w wealth for genealogists? I have to go check it out.

  9. I can hardly wait to the new glasses! And I’m glad you stuck with purple. I think it is your “spirit color” 🙂 I wish I still had my Marley. I don’t know how long Norbert will sit on your lap, but Marley was very fickle – sometime 15 minutes, never more, and then sometimes only a minute or two. But she would come and lay on my chest in the middle of the night. She was abandoned, so free. As I look back perhaps I should have paid her, I hope I did, in love.

    It’s so cool that you do your genealogy searches. I’ve always wanted to try, but I’m afraid I would find some pretty scary stuff there. My aunt told me once that we had a great, great, great uncle who was charged with murder….and found guilty. Yikes!

    • Every family has skeletons in the closet. The most upsetting in mine was a child molester. I am sickened whenever I come across his profile. He is long dead and other than having to have him on there to connect, I have not researched him at all. Nothing was ever done. No charges. No jail time. Just a broken daughter who spent a lifetime trying to hide the shame.
      As for cats, a free one is good! They have a way of finding us. And of course you made it up in love. Norbert will sit on my husband’s lap for hours. He’s more his cat than mine in that aspect. Norbert will sit on my lap but if I move at all he runs away, offended.

  10. WOW! I just saw that I missed 5 days of your blog. I don’t know where I am or what I am doing. It’s the looking for a roommate thing. I spend too many hours staring at the wall in a stupor. But your posts are always uplifting for me, even if you think they aren’t. I glad I checked back in – you keep me a bit sane 🙂

  11. “$8.46 worth of cat a year” BAHAHAHA! That is funny. I’ve never thought of it that way. How cool that you find info about your ancestors. My brother has been trying for years and it’s not easy since there aren’t good records from the past to go by.

    • It’s all about accessing decent records. Some communities have them and others don’t. If he ever can get a free trial to Ancestry.com and get the World membership he might be able to get some better information.

  12. We had to take our cat to the vet to get his prescription renewed. We have to take him every year or they won’t give us any more of his prednisone for his asthma. He’s fine and the vet was cuddling him with her face up against him. We had to warn her that he’s been known to bite people in the face for no reason and that got her to move away from him. Hi did a month on Ancestry.com too. Found the landing papers in NY from my great-grandmother and grandmother. It was so cool to see the actual papers.

    • Cats are known to get bitey for no apparent reason but because they can. It is cool to see documents that belonged to your ancestors. I have a few that have their signatures. Interesting to see who could write and who was obviously just signing their name because that was the only thing they would write.

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