Well, the flu won this one. No, it didn’t kill me but I was pretty sick there for a few days. I don’t remember anything for about 24 hours. I am back at work but I am so tired. Tired where you want to cry because you can’t concentrate and nothing makes sense. I’m still coughing a lot but I have asthma and that goes with any respiratory virus I have.


And sideways…

I have an eye appointment on Thursday and have chosen some frames already and I really, really want your opinion. If they don’t suit me please say. I can get different frames if these don’t work. When I tried them on at Costco I liked them but now I am not sure. Purple is my favouritist colour so that’s why I grabbed them. Gah. I look like The Wreck of the Hesperus. Dark circles under my eyes. No makeup. But then, I never wear makeup. Still in my scrubs. Adult acne. Can glasses even help?

When I was sick I watched a lot of Netflix. If I wasn’t sleeping I watched Netflix. I watched Series 4 of Sherlock and all of Broadchurch and now I am watching Happy Valley which I thought was a comedy but isn’t and and now I am into the story and can’t stop watching now. Oh, and I watched Love Actually again.

Another riveting post, courtesy of Birdie.

But I do want to know about the glasses. 🙂

Addendum – Hold crap. I just looked at my post. I desperately need a haircut and an eyebrow wax. The human body takes way more maintenance than I am willing to give.

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  1. I love the glasses…they suit your face shape great (I would tell you if I thought they looked bad). I also wear purple glasses, and so does my neighbor, and so does her daughter. Apparently there are a lot of women out there who like purple, and may I say I think purple looks great on everyone.

    I’m also suffering a huge asthma flare up now, which is bad enough without the flu. With the flu it does begin to feel like death. I’m glad you lived to see another day and hope you start feeling more alive soon.

    • I have asthma for as long as I can remember though I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 23. I thought it was normal to turn purple and gasp for a small breath. I do love purple but it doesn’t look nice on my face. And I still miss your blog.

      • Yeah…purple does not look good on anyone when it comes from lack of O2! However, I think the two of us with our sassy purple bedrooms have the finest taste in color there ever was. 😀

        I don’t think I’ll ever blog again. My blog revealed very personal information during an extreme crisis I was going through at the time….while I got a lot of support from people like you, I got a lot of haters too. Also, I had people pretending to be my friends who turned around later and used that info to whip me with. So no, I’ll never do anything like that again.

  2. When i saw the picture, prior to reading, my first thought was, “I like your glasses.”

    Gah. Sorry- the flu sucks. I always forget how bad it is until i catch it again and vacillate between wanting to die and wanting my mommy.

    Purple is my favorite color too. Together with green, but i’ve probably even told you that already, (And you’d probably never guess.)

    Feel better soon!

  3. I watched all of Broadchurch and loved it. I watched Happy Valley because a few posts ago, I asked people’s opinions about what British series to watch on Netflix and many suggested it. Stick with it. The final episode is so good.
    I’m sorry you are back at work even though you don’t feel great. I have a chronic cough, but mine is due to sinusitis that just never really goes away. Asthma must be a real strain on you! Take care, Jenn

  4. I like your face too♥️♥️♥️. And the glasses look great! I am sorry you’ve been so sick. Feel better. I am having so much trouble posting on blogs! I always read your posts tho…

    • Please, please, please let your New Year’s resolution be to start blogging. Your comments are always interesting and I want to know more about you!

  5. I think the glasses look good on you. And I like the purple too. I had purple glasses once although I think they had some fancy-shmancy name like “aubergine.” I still miss them, they were great!

  6. I think those glasses look fabulous! The purple is not too bright and just the right color of funky to be fun but not weird. Your brows look fine.

  7. Glad you’re feeling better. Purple is my favorite color. My glasses are purple too. And quit criticizing yourself. You wouldn’t do that to a child, you don’t deserve it either. Sending hugs.

  8. I like the glasses! Sorry you are still not up to 100%. I had the flu last May and it took me weeks to get my strength back. Hang in there!

  9. Straight up, the glasses are too big. Try a much narrower lens and in a gold tone. It would blend with your hair color. I used to wear huge lenses and someone pointed me towards smaller with gold tone to blend with brown to blond hair.
    BTW, I’m glad you are better.

  10. Oh, it’s so nice to see a picture of you. You’re pretty without makeup, you lucky woman. I love the purple color and the way it changes on the side, but I think the lens is too big, too. Ha!…I can still see a trace of the blue, it looks so cool. Glad you are feeling better, but please take it easy at work, it can wear you out so quick.

      • I have noticed current glasses styles are bigger now than they’ve been in a long time. I’m currently in super tiny lenses, but my frames are from the 90s (I know, I’m hopelessly out of date, but that shits expensive). A couple weeks ago I was with my mom looking at glasses, and the styles remind me of the huge lenses we used to wear in the 80s. I guess that’s “in” right now.

  11. I love seeing your beautiful face. Glad you are on the mend. I love Broadchurch, and British police procedurals in general. Should I watch Happy Valley? Would you recommend it?

    • I do. It could have been very gratuitous with the violence but they glossed over it and did it in a more tasteful way than most police shows.

      • Birdie, if you can recommend any other shows that don’t have extremely graphic violence I’d love to hear them. I just finished watching The Punisher on amazon streaming, and was surprised how the violence was done more old school….it was more suggested than shown. The last two episodes were more graphic, but compared to Highlander (which I never finished) it was child’s play. Will put Happy Valley in my queue.

      • You might find Happy Valley a bit much. Maybe get your husband to watch and see. It is definitely suggested but I even have trouble with that sometimes. As for Highlander, I am done with that too. The violence was gratuitous. And in my opinion, just wrong. For the average person, it’s no big deal but there are sick people out there and that kind of shown violence sets them off and gives them ideas. It’s not right. But, I am sure most of the planet disagrees with me.

      • I’m indeed married…been with my guy for 20 years!

        And yes, as a former psych nurse, I can support the idea that extremely graphic violence from movies or TV does seem to have a “suggestibility” effect on certain disturbed individuals. For me, it just makes me nauseous and anxious for days. Highlander almost made me faint by episode 4…thank goodness you warned me to stop there (as apparently it got much, much worse). Ironically I did fine with Spartacus, and I liked The Tudors too, though that one got bad in a few places.

      • I can watch violence if it’s science fiction. For instance, Stranger Things didn’t bother me at all because I am 99.9999999 % confident I’m not going to be taken to the upside down.

    • Purple anything is good. No. That’s not true. I saw a lady today and her feet were purple. Not good. But I got her up walking and then they went back to normal.

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