Well, I have the flu. Not a bad cold but the flu with a fever and everything hurting including my skin. Add bronchitis now to make the experience all the more hellish. Though I have lost 5 pounds so there is that. I am reading all your blogs but I’m not kidding when I say I don’t have the the energy to lift my hands to type a comment. Be back when better.

Yes. I did get me flu shot.

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  1. So sorry to hear this. I also got the flu last May, even though I got a flu shot. Not fair! It will take a while. Be kind to yourself and get plenty of rest.

  2. Oh Birdie, feel better. I never get the flu shot, but I suppose that, as my son said, those who work in healthcare really need to get it. I have always suspected it works by causing the flu, ergo immunity imparted. I hope, at least, that the enforced rest will be worthwhile. Love.

  3. Take care, darlin. Get plenty of rest and drink warm tea and eat crackers so you don’t toss your cookies so much.
    By the way, did I say something about the flu shot in your blog comments? I think I did. It was about the shot serum is made from the old strain and that it is completely useless against the flu that’s going around now because the flu constantly mutates into new strains when it travels from one person to the next. It’s a common law in laboratory microbiology that viruses mutate from host to host.

  4. Well crap. The flu shot is not 100% protection from the flu though but hopefully because you got the flu shot you will heal up quicker than if you didn’t get the shot. I stay out of stores and crowds during the holiday season so avoid too many germs but when you have to work and be around sick people it sucks cause you can’t avoid it. Feel better soon.

  5. I’m still here. I’m checking on you every weekend or so. One day I’ll come bring you some broth or a hug or flowers or something. Get well. Xxx

  6. Yuck! I had it last year and I remember what a (close to) nightmare it was. “Sleep and plenty of fluids” still a good idea. But I’m feeling bad for you as you feel bad and I hope you really take all the time that is needed to get yourself completely well. Don’t cheat – all the way back to really well before you go back to work xo

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