Just when you think you have downloaded every possible awesome song on iTunes you come across one you totally forgot about. I love, love, love this song and the album. I personally think we should teach all history lessons this way.

Oh, those Russians!

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    • I would have thought you would have this on your DJ list. Different generation I guess. I would be curious what people would think of you played it now. Such a great dance song!

  1. My daughter’s high school had something called “Dance Week”. As part of their phys. ed. programme, they learned to dance, two step, country line dancing, etc. A teacher who is long since retired developed this idea of Dance Week and she taught the kids a rather complicated dance performed in a circle to the tune of Rasputin. During this week, the kids taking phys. ed. that semester would grab kids from other classes and teach them to dance. Eventually everyone in the school knew the Rasputin dance and they would do it in the gym. It was absolutely magical to see as they changed partners and swung them around and they all knew exactly what to do (fyi, it’s a fairly small high school). My daughter says there is a video on You Tube of it. -Jenn

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