It was snowing here yesterday but now it’s gone. Very early here for snow but it put me in the mood for downloading Christmas music on iTunes. So I did. This afternoon my son and I went to see Thor Ragnorok and I was kind of expecting to want to sleep through it but it was actually excellent and funny. I did eat too much popcorn which is not at all low carb but sometimes you just have to not care. So I didn’t care.

Daylight Savings. On one way I don’t mind because I start work when it’s dark so it makes it a little easier but the change always messes me up. I’ve never been a good sleeper. It doesn’t take a lot to wake me up and I also need to have a cool bedroom and my own pillow and 50 other things that make me a pain in the ass.

Yesterday I finally finished my scarf that I had been working on forever and I was glad to have it today at the theatre. It was chilly in the theatre.

Sometimes things come full circle. My doctor retired a few years back and his patients were sent to another doctor who also retired. His patients were sent to yet another doctor who quit. She actually quit. I have never heard of that before. The owner and manager of the clinic are trying to get in contact with her and ask what she wants her patients to do but she hasn’t responded. Who does that? Anyway, I phoned the clinic and now I am back with my first doctor who came back from retirement. So now I have a doctor again and he is so lovely and he remembered that my mom died of ovarian cancer and a bunch of other things that I would expect anyone else to forget. He ordered blood work because I am so tired all the time. See paragraph 2.

Tomorrow I’m taking my car in for an oil change which is always boring. It makes it a little easier now that I am spoiled and can download shows on an iPad and take it with me. Last week I binge watched This Is Us and now I’m looking for something else. I’ve heard Stranger Things is good. Just as long as it doesn’t give me nightmares.

Dinner is ready. Then a bath then bed.

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  1. I can’t post on blogs but am following right along! I hope you get this. You make me laugh, you make me cry, you make me feel. Sending you love. Jo


  2. My son has roped me into Stranger Things, and I must say it’s riveting although a tad too creepy for my taste. I don’t think you should watch it before bed. That’s for sure. It does have some fabulous 80s kitsch to it, though, and that sort of makes up for the scary factor.

  3. Glad to hear about the doctor! Retirement just doesn’t work for some people.
    Snow? Our pecans are leafing out as if it were late spring. It’s so weird. So weird.

  4. What a great person your original doctor must be. I bet on some level he is happy to return to the work world, even if only until they find a replacement. And I am looking forward to seeing Thor Ragnorok, I hear Cate Blanchett is really good in it.

  5. I love reading you. I hope dinner was great. And the photo of the inside of your jacket pocket was wonderful, it made me think of the inside of the many jacket pockets I have known.

  6. OMG! I’m a binge watcher too. I have Hulu and I’ll watch stuff for days on end. I just finished Cardinal. It was very good. Do you know if it will have a second season?

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