We are home again after 2 nights away. We went so far west that we would have started swimming to Japan if we kept going. The beach is called Long Beach because, well, it’s long. 11 kilometres.

There were surfers.

This picture is a good example of the west coast. A lot of rocks. I can’t imagine what it would be like to navigate through this when it’s under water.

I like the design the ocean left on the sand.

Here’s the inside of my rain jacket pocket.

Last picture.

I am so tired tonight. I don’t really sleep well in hotel beds. It helps that I pack my own pillow but I still don’t get into a deep sleep. I’m looking forward to a hot bath and my own bed.

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  1. I just hung a photo of long beach in my TV room, one that I had taken a few years ago when we were out there. We’ve decided to go back next summer for a week. It is beyond beautiful out there.

    Have a good sleep.

  2. Oh I’m envious. We never did manage to make it to Long Beach in the 4 years we lived on Vancouver Island. Love the pictures, the inside of your pocket one was nice and lint free too! Right now I think I’d sleep better with a hotel pillow because my pillow is about to be retired.

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