4 Pin Bowling

We are in a community that is a billion kilometres away from civilization and there’s not a whole lot to do. Tonight we went 5 pin bowling. Google it. It’s a real thing here in Canada. We are too laid back to bother with 10 whole pins. However, the lane was busted and the pin to the left of the middle kept resetting so there was no real way to keep score so it was actually 4 pin bowling. Both my husband and I did horrible. I think I got 76 and he got 49. Do you know what it cost? $2.50. For both of us! That included the rent-a-shoes/rent-a-foot-disease.*

I’m pretty sure these balls haven’t been washed in at least 30 years. Some had actual chips out of them which didn’t help my game at all. That’s my story anyway and I’m sticking to it.

Here my sexy beast of a husband is playing pinball. Pinball! Did you hear me? Pinball. I haven’t seen a pinball machine since 1985.

I touched a button on this machine and it said, “You have no authority”! It did. This made me wonder if Mel Gibson was still alive and he is. I was getting him mixed up with the Dirty Dancing guy. Or maybe he is still alive and it’s someone else.

And speaking of 1985, look at those prices! When we were on our way out I saw the game Gauntlet. I am not kidding. I played that game on Super Nintendo in 1989 and beat it. Oh yes, I did. I was 18 and between work and sleep I played that game. If I tried to play it now I would probably get vertigo and pass out. It moves so fast!

But isn’t this pretty? This is the view from our room. I am not sure why the fonts are all messed up in this post.

* bonus points if you know where rent a foot disease comes from

11 thoughts on “4 Pin Bowling

  1. The view is lovely.
    No bonus points from me – but a few shudders.
    My partner was a pin-ball addict. To the extent that the night he broke his collar bone (after a woman drove into his motorcycle*) he took his arm out of the sling so he could play. Strangely enough, it healed crooked.
    *He picked himself up off the road and went to see the woman who had hit him (who was in a phone box) arriving just in time to hear her say ‘I have hit another motorcyclist darling. What should I do?’

  2. Well now, I didn’t even realize that other places didn’t have 5 pin bowling! Don’t know where that phrase comes from, but I want to know, so I’ll come back and see who else responds. -Jenn

  3. OMG!! Just $2.50? I can’t believe it. It costs almost $60 just to bowl here today and with shoe rental. I haven’t done that since the 1980’s. What memories, getting drunk on margaritas and playing video games. Oh, my.
    That is a beautiful view.

  4. I can tell that’s a handsome man, even from the back. What fun!! I think you got a good score, mine would not be worth telling.
    Floats, $1.00, I hope you had one! I am so happy, happy that you had this time away. I hope you felt young because you certainly sound like you did.

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