We are having some incredible fall days here all of a sudden which make such a difference. Last year we didn’t have much of summer and it turned into a cold and rainy fall and then a cold and snowy winter. The leaves never really changed colour but instead just blew off the trees. I keep meaning to take pictures but I only remember when I am driving.

This morning I went back to the man who gave me his cold and he is still sick too, quite sick actually. Poor old dude. I actually love him because he is so kind and one the most grateful persons (or is it people?) I have ever looked after. I am wearing a mask when I have close contact with someone.

Last night I ended up not sleeping well at all. Our city is going automated with it garbage/recycling/compost pickup and everyone is getting three new bins. I kept dreaming that I could not figure out how to get things into the bins. In real life, you open, toss your crap in, then close it. In dream world it consisted of opening it over and over and and not understanding the process. Weird the things our brains come up with to dream. Tonight I have taken melatonin but probably don’t need it but I don’t do well on little sleep for more than one night. I need 8 1/2 to 9 hours to function. It’s a lot, I know.

Well, I started this post hours ago and now I’m in bed and it’s not even 9:00 and I’m so tired. Goodnight.

One last thing. Because of my time zone (Pacific Daylight Time), you all read my posts while I’m sleeping. It makes me so happy to wake up to comments. It makes my mornings better. And you all know how I feel about mornings. So thank you.

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  1. I hope you do get a good nights sleep – and can kick that cold to the curb.
    Dreams often amaze me. I don’t dream in images but in conversations. Which are frequently surreal.

    • I did have a good sleep and because of it my cold is on its way out. You should do a post about your dreams. I’ve never heard of that.

  2. It is funny what we come up with in our dreams. I have been having really interesting dreams for the last little while. So interesting in fact that I find myself looking forward to sleep and seeing what I come up with next!

  3. I wonder if it is a sort of shared symptom of depression- this need for more sleep. I slept ten hours last night and feel wonderful today. Well, for me. Our weather right now is gorgeous. Absolutely. Of course we don’t get the leaf color change so intensely but we do get some. As I write this, leaves are fluttering to the ground and the air is so clear, the sky so blue. And Lord, don’t ask me about dreams.

    • Mary, I know my sleep cycle has a huge impact on my depression. I need to get 9 hours and can survive on 8 1/2 anything less than 8 I feel on the edge of an abyss all day. It like I am in a fog all day. Actually, if I ever get dementia I am sure it will have been impacted by getting up ever morning right while I am in my deepest sleep.

  4. I’m the sort of person that would dream about how to open the new bins too. And if don’t dream about them, I lay awake worrying about them instead.

    • I’m glad I am not alone in my weird dreams. I used to dream about unending gum in my mouth. No matter how much I spit it out, more more would appear. It was actually a very distressing dream.

    • I used to dream about having unending gum in my mouth. No matter how much I spit it out more would appear. It was actually quite a distressing dream.

  5. I get a blazing headache just as I lift my head if I haven’t had enough sleep. I need 9, too. Last night the downstairs neighbor was literally pounding nails at 3am. Or he could have been keeping beat to his too loud music by rapping drum sticks on the ceiling….
    I have the same dream about gum sometimes, how weird! It is a huge wad in my mouth and I think all of my teeth are getting pulled into it so I can’t talk. It is distressing and confounding, but then I like gum 🙂
    I hope your sleep is restful tonight and that you dream you are having tea with all your loving friends!!

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