A Quick I’m in Bed Post

I have had a cold for almost a week now. I got it at a man that I see who coughed and sneezed on me 80 billion times. I am seeing him again tomorrow. I will see if he wants it back.

My new SAD light arrived today and thank all that is good and true for that.

Do any of you like superheroes?

My son does. Ever since he was 3 or 4. He is doing this for Halloween. The face of the mask changes colour when he breathes.

And if he sneaks up and scares me he will rue the day. But never mind, he learned at a young age not to scare me. My daughter knows too. And my husband. If you ever meet any of them they will tell you vehemently, don’t scare her. A long story for another day. Bonus points if you know what superhero this is. Note – I didn’t.

I ordered 3 copies of this book weeks and weeks ago and figured it got lost in the mail. It’s about helping those with dementia live their best life. I had given up waiting for them and was going to buy them again because it’s such a great book. But alas, they arrived today! I have been doing my job for over 17 years and this book is by far the best book ever written on the subject. I already own 3 copies, one paperback and one on Kindle and one that I lent out but never got back. The copies I bought are for the families of the people I care for because living with someone with dementia is so hard and everything you think you should do is the complete opposite of what you should actually do. Anyway, I bought these not expecting them back and hope that one person’s life is better because of it.

A little update on my stepdaughter. Remember she lost custody of her daughter about 8 weeks ago? She still does not have her back. And that’s all I’m going to say about that. Or anything else. I’m going to bed.

14 thoughts on “A Quick I’m in Bed Post

  1. Do I like super heroes?????? Um. Just a bit. And then a bit more after that. And then bunches more after the bits. Then toss on a lot mores. Then triple all that and add one more round of bits and bunches.

    Hope you feel better. You made me laugh when you said maybe he wants it back.

  2. I’m sure the recipients of the books will be grateful. There’s nothing better than someone who offers practical help during difficult periods of our lives.

    Hope your cold improves.

  3. I like superheroes but I have no clue who that is supposed to be. My taste in superheroes is pretty traditional though — Wonder Woman, Captain America, Batman, etc. These new-fangled ones are beyond me.

  4. I’m sure Owen would know that character. I do not.
    Remind me to buy that book for my family when I get dementia.
    I hope your cold leaves you soon.

  5. I remember when my mom began to suffer with some dementia you gave me good and comforting advice. i have never forgot it. Now i will also be able to recommend the book. You are a good soul Birdie.

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