Here is something that is perplexing to me. We usually think of small children coughing and sneezing and not covering their mouths. But you know what? Elderly people are really bad for that too. This morning one of the people I care for had a bad cold and he was sneezing and coughing and not covering his mouth. At one point he was coughing right on me. And now I feel like I am getting a cold. Oh, well. I will go take some Cold Fx. and a lot of Vitamin C and go to bed at a reasonable hour. But what bothers me the most is if I were to call in sick tomorrow my employer does an investigation and I get called in and have to explain why I was off sick. First, we are around sick people all the time so it stands to reason that we will get sick. Second, if we are sick, we are are around sick and vulnerable people. Some of those people could die if they get sick. So, don’t bug me when I call in sick, Employer!

Today something funny happened at work. At the end of the day I was sent to an address that I knew. I also recognized the person’s name. I was very good friends with his daughter when I was in high school in the 80’s. One summer we had a party there. We were all drunk as sailors and the house was packed. Her dad of course was not at home. Jump ahead 32 years. I go in and tell him who I am and mentioned that I was friends with his daughter. I also mentioned the party we had. Without missing a beat he said, “Was that they time my table was broken?” It was! I had completely forgotten about it. We were never bad kids. We drank sometimes but we did break the table. I’m pretty sure someone was dancing on it. Or more than one person. Anyway, he laughed about it and then we sat and visited for almost an hour and had a great old time. I didn’t do any work at all but I think that was the best thing for him today. And me.

I’ve been reading this book, thank you May via Mary Moon! It is such a great book. I had forgotten about when my kids were little and I was a single mom and I had to get creative when making meals. I was all excited to make my soup today because I threw in all sorts of things that were just hanging around my kitchen. It’s simmering now and I will put in the fridge at bedtime and finish it tomorrow after I get home from work.

It’s a nice day here. This is what I am looking at now. I just reminded myself that I need to take in that planter box. Do you see the Steller’s jay? Greedy. So greedy. The eat suet faster than we can buy it.

A few more pictures.

This is my great, great grandma and my great grandma. When I first saw the picture I thought that the lady on the left sure had enormous feet! I realized it was a shadow. I like this picture because my great, great grandma was still wearing the long dress that had gone “out of style” 20 years earlier. My aunt said she still wore two or three petticoats. She also told me she had snow white hair that was past her waist and she would braid it and wrap it around and around her head.

This is one of my great uncles. Look at those smouldering eyes and the uniform. Such the bad boy with his cigarette. He was 25 here. I’m not sure who the guy on the right is. On the back it says Patrick Grimes and he was in the Scottish regiment. I did a Google search but could not find him. Of course, he is likely long since dead but if any member of his family is looking I have a picture for you. He would have been 20 here, I think.

And one last picture. This is my beloved Nana. This is how I remember her. She was about 50 here which is just a little older than I am now. Remember, she was 17 when she had my dad and 45 when I was born. She was much younger than my other grandma who was almost 60. My nana was so cool and hip. She painted her nails red and smoked cigarettes and you could talk to her about sex and go visit her at anytime of the day or night and she would be so happy to see you and then she would make tea. When we were little it was White Rose Tea which was mostly milk with a drop of tea.

One day I will tell you about my other grandma that was a world different than my nana but just was beautiful. And my step grandma too. She was a hoot! But, stories for another day.

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  1. How I love those precious photos.
    Is an everlasting meal similar to what we know here as a ‘perpetual dinner’?. The dish may start off as one things but additional things are added to the left-overs which often completely change the character/taste of the dish.

    • Partly, yes. The back of the book says the best meals rely on the end of the meals that came before them. She also goes into just using what you have in the kitchen. Bones, skin, peels, leftovers…whatever you have.

      • It’s the way meals really should be made. We don’t throw much out in our house because we just make enough for each meal. Leftovers usually make up my lunch the following day after work.

  2. Fun fun post birdie. Love that you got to catch up with your old friends dad. And love that you took the time to do it. I want to hear about your Nana. She sounds awesome.

  3. Wonderful post. So many smiles from me to you. That view out your window is fantastic. Of course who doesn’t love a man in uniform. Glad nothing worse happened at that party than a broken table:-)

  4. Your Nana looks younger than 50. She twinkles.

    Your employer shouldn’t be allowed to harass you about being sick. Although I’m in the same boat. A meeting every three months with my director because of my sick time. He hates it because I tell him about my depression and then I tease him. I said to him, “Aren’t you glad I don’t have herpes?”. He’s following rules but really. They expect me to deal with a patient with a bowel obstruction, or a SVC obstruction or leptomeningeal disease but I can’t be trusted to know when I shouldn’t come to work. WTF!

  5. Obviously I need to wear some sort of uniform. 😉

    I love all the photos of your family members. How cool to have them and your Nana looks like a hip lady!

    • I have been bugging my aunt to borrow them for a few years. I finally got them and didn’t expect them to be so great!

      Yes to the uniform!

  6. That is ridiculous that a health care provider gets questioned about the validity of her sick days. Eye roll. Sigh of disgust. Anyway, I love the old photos, especially with the writing on the outside. My father did a lot of writing on photos. I would love to flip through that cookbook. My family calls those meals, “Mom’s Throw-togethers”. -Jenn

  7. First off- if people didn’t go into work sick, there wouldn’t be so many sick people. Duh. I hate it when employers are so untrusting about that. I mean sure, people do take advantage sometimes but I think most employers know the ones who do that and the ones who do not!
    I’m so glad you like that book! It’s wonderful, isn’t it? I’ll tell May you like it. How was your soup? I hope it was just what you needed and I hope that you’re not so very ill.
    Your table-breaking memory brought back one of my own! My friends and I used to party at one guy’s house over Christmas break every year because his mother would go visit her daughter in California for a few weeks then. (The father had died long ago.) And Lord, we were so bad there. And yes, a glass table top got broken one year. I believe a fire-extinguisher was involved.
    Oh my.
    Beautiful pictures, Birdie.

    • Your comment made me laugh. A fire extinguisher! There is a story in my city about a horse being in a house at a party. Not sure if it’s true.

  8. I love those old family photos! My grandma (father’s mom) used to write all over the front of the photo too — names, dates, events, etc. My favourite is the one of my just-married parents on which she wrote “Chas’ wedden.”

  9. Your photos are gorgeous, Birdie. The book looks great! And I have seen people of all ages sneeze and cough without covering their mouths. I have seen it on the street and in the bus. Terrible. When I cough or sneeze, I do it in my sleeve to prevent any germs from going all over the place.

  10. I also think the photos are fabulous! Thank you for sharing.

    Funny thing about your coughing observation-I was just thinking that Baby Bananaface is a little too… generous with his expectorating!

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