I had just accidentally deleted a post that I have been working on since Sunday. Now I can’t remember what I wrote about. I did write about the dark, windy and rainy day here and Norbert taking residence in front of the fire.

I wrote that I just stood up and broke my SAD light. Damn! I need that light. My depression is worse from October through February and light therapy helps a little. Anyway, I went to Amazon and ordered a new one.

Yesterday I went to see my aunt. My favourite aunt. Besides my daughter, she is the woman I love most in this world. Sadly, she is not well at all and is going through all sorts of testing. It doesn’t look good. When I was there she lent me her photo albums that had these!

The girl in the middle is my grandmother. She was about 15 here.

Here she is on her wedding day in 1944 with her mother. She was 16. The man is her husband, my grandfather. He left her when my grandma was 19 and had 3 children and was never heard from again. Yes. She was pregnant in this picture. I see why she fell in love with her husband! All that dark curly hair. And the sailor uniform. She told me it was the sailor’s uniform. It did come out eventually that he was gay, which explains why he would have left.

Here she is with my dad when he was 3 months old. She was 17. Oh, how she loved her children. And grandchildren. And her great grandchildren!

There are lots and lots of other pictures but I will spare you. 🙂

Tonight is a good night to make rotisserie chicken.

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    • She really did have a tough life. She did marry much later in life to a cruel man. He beat her down even further. When he died, none of if were really sad. She was free. One of my memories of her was she was the only grandmother that I knew that worked. All my friends had grandmas that stayed at home and baked cookies. She worked at the dry cleaners. We would go to visit her and she would make the clothes go round and round. When we got a little bigger she let us grandkids press the button. Ah, I’m crying now. I miss her so much.

  1. Everyone has a story, don’t they? What a beautiful woman and how hard it must have been when her husband left. Three children at nineteen?
    Thank god for contraception.

    • Oh, Mary. She was such a beautiful woman. After her husband left her mama and daddy took her right back in. That was so not typical for the time. I’m not kidding. It makes me so glad and so proud that I come from people that knew love.

  2. How lovely to have those precious memories. And how wonderful that her parents took her in again.
    Her life was indeed difficult, but I suspect her poor husband knew pain too. And hope that he found the support she did.

    • Sadly, I don’t think he ever did. He died in a suspicious and tragic accident on the streets of Vancouver in 1983. There was never any real investigation into his death. I only have about 5 pictures of him. I have added them to Ancestry in hopes of recognizing his life and that he is now loved by a granddaughter that he never met.

  3. I love your photos, Birdie! So sorry that you broke your SAD light but I am happy you ordered another one. I have never tried one and am wondering about them. Perhaps I may try and see, even though my depression is not necessarily seasonal, it can strike even in the middle of the summer.

  4. Wow, married at sixteen, three babies and single again at 19. She really had to grow up quickly! I can’t even imagine. -Jenn

    • The best thing about her is she was never angry or bitter. Her children were her greatest joy and she gave them the love of a dozen parents. She never regretted her lot.

    • I don’t think she ever bought any of her clothing. She made made everything herself. Most of my daughter’s baby clothes were made by her, all of them frilled and laced and ric raced, and ruffled to their maximum potential. I have kept them all.

  5. Great pictures! Especially the one where she is leaning in towards your father, a baby of 3 months. There is so much love in her face. What a strong woman she must have been.

  6. They are beautiful pictures, lovely women. Really, they’ve passed that on to you. Dark luscious hair and the same smile. Pregnant and left, my heart breaks for her, yet I’m sure she was strong and did her very best in such a hard situation. She just looks like that kind of woman.
    That’s so sad when we accidentally delete something that we really wanted to share, there’s no explanation for it – certainly not “it was meant to be”. Just an accident. But this one was lovely and I can smell the chicken from here. xoxo

    • I think of how she felt being pregnant at 16. It was a huge deal in 1944! I’m very proud of her. I didn’t realize her life’s hardships until I was older. I wish I could tell her.

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