img_1105-1 The train is whistling it’s mournful cry and I am eating soup that I just finished making 30 minutes ago. It’s a Mexican chicken vegetable, I guess. Usually I make soups with whatever I have around but when I went for black beans I realized I didn’t have any. Or any canned tomatoes either. So I went to the store and bought both and a bag of spinach because it was on sale. And Brussels sprouts because Thanksgiving is this weekend. And I bought other stuff too.

I am on my two days off and my husband and I found a Groupon to go here on one of our mini holidays. I tell you, I don’t think we have paid full price for a holiday in years. Ever since I paid off my debt (yahoo!) I refuse to go on a holiday that I can’t pay for right now. A few weeks back I was chatting with a coworker who went to Mexico to the tune of $10,000. Now she has to pay it off. For me, the stress of debt, plus the extortion of interest, is not worth it. It’s like the commercials about debt weighing you down. I don’t know about other people but debt causes me so much stress. So, bring on the Groupon deals and I will travel like a miser.

Not much new here. Yesterday I ordered some new pants because nothing fits anymore. We went out for dinner twice last week and I had nothing nice to wear at all. It seems that the weight has come off so slowly but 33 pounds in 13 months is actually quite amazing. This was of eating is easily doable for the rest of my life. But trust me, I will always miss the huge mounds of potatoes. I eat them now but only about 1/4 of a cup at a time. One of you was asking how I have done it. It’s low carbs. Almost all my carbs come from veggies. I eat a lot of veggies! Very high fiber. I have a plant based supplement that I get at the health food store. And probiotics. And a lot of healthy fat. I eat almond butter out of the jar with a spoon! The whole basis of the way of eating is to get your gut healthy first and the rest will follow.

Well, I have yard work to do. Today is trim the hedge with electric clippers!

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  1. I have work to do in the garden too. But the house needs attention first. The first load of washing is done and on the line. The next will have to wait until someone else has had their shower (soon I hope).
    Half the house is vacuumed.
    I don’t do debt well either. And a holiday which involves debt is not for me. Ever. We had someone boarding with us for a while who always borrowed to go on holidays. And sometimes borrowed again before he had paid off the first. I couldn’t do it.

  2. I am cooking black beans tonight too, inspired by my daughter Jessie’s crockpot of them yesterday. I’m about to make some rice (Oh- bad carbs, BAD CARBS!) and some cornbread (even worse carbs!) to go with.
    Dang, girl. I am proud of you on so many levels, not the least of which is going on these mini-vacations via Groupon.
    Thank you for being an inspiration.

  3. I love the mini holidays you take! Those are fun little getaways. I’m with you on having little to no debt. The only thing we owe is a mortgage, which has decreased a lot since we downsized. Our credit card bills are paid in full every month.

  4. Well done on your weight loss. “They” say that if you lose weight slowly and steadily is it less likely that you will regain. That soup looks good! I have no idea what groupon is. -Jenn

    • Groupon is a website where vendors sell things in large quantities at discount prices. Bed sheets to spa treatments to mini holidays to dog crates. It’s free to join but you get offered a lot of crap. You have to be willing to get daily emails to find something good.

  5. Your next holiday destination looks wonderful! I don’t go into debt for holidays either. We book so far ahead that usually the main expenses are all paid off, or saved up for, even before we go.

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