It is six years ago this week that my mom died. I can tell you that time does not heal all wounds, you just learn to live a new life. Most days I live a good life but I never stop missing her. With all the pain and chaos going on in our world today I would not wish her back. Or maybe I would. She always had a way of righting my world.

This song reminds me of her. I would love to add it to my iTunes account but it isn’t available anywhere.

Sleep, my child, for the red bee hums

The silent twilight falls

Eeval from the Grey Rock comes

To wrap the world in thrall.

And lying there, my child, my joy,

My love and heart’s desire,

The crickets sing you lullaby

Beside the dying fire.

Dusk has come and the Green Man’s horn

Is wreathed in rings of fog.

Sheevra sails his boat til morn. Upon the starry bog.

And over it all, the paly moon

Hath brimmed her cusp in dew,

And weeps to hear the sad sleep-tune

I sing, O love, to you.

The Green Man – it is said if you see him in the morning, “no ill follows”; but if at night, death or some other terrible misfortune will surely overtake you. He is sometimes called Fear Liath, or the Grey Man.

Eavell is a meaning of time.

Shivrah is a fairy. 


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  1. Hugs to you, Birdie. I totally get you. You miss your mom the way I miss my dad. He was the kindest soul I ever knew and he always righted my world, too, no matter what was going on. We never stop aching for these loved ones. We just learn to live a new normal.

  2. A lovely and sweet piece of music. It gave me goosebumps.
    If I was there, Birdie, I would pat your back. I’ll bet your Mom did that for you once in awhile. It’s a hard thing – missing. But she sounds well worth it.

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