Home Again, Home Again…

We are home again and last night I slept in my own bed and felt like a queen. Well, I slept after I finished binge watching the new season of Wentworth. Before we caught the ferry yesterday (when you live on an island your vacation life has to revolve around the ferries) we went to a farmer’s market (or is it farmers market? Tell me if you know) and there’re were vendors everywhere selling soap and carrots and wooden rolling pins and bread and pie. We did buy a pie for Thanksgiving next month. There was also lots of little children running around all happy. There was a woman with hair all the way down to her bum and someone playing the pan flute. It was such a simple thing but so nice.

This afternoon we went to out to dinner to my husband’s cousin’s house. She is a beautiful woman that I loved immediately after meeting her. Her husband is one of the funniest people I ever met. They have three dogs. One is so old it can’t see or hear but cute and gentle. One of the other dogs is new that they brought in from Mexico but it’s a little scary. It growled at me three separate times and lunged and snapped at my husband’s face. They had it on a leash the whole time but whenever I stood up it growled at me. I am nervous of dogs to begin with and stayed clear. Cousin’s owners are very aware of the situation and very apologetic. The have only had the dog three weeks and are hoping the dog settles in soon. It’s a fair sized hound dog and it scares me.

Tomorrow we get our new furnace. And I have loads of housework to do. I’m down to the last three days of my holidays from work. I do not want to go back especially since it’s so dark now in the morning. This time of the year is very difficult for me. I try every year to be positive and optimistic but these long, dark and rainy Pacific Northwest fall and winters are difficult.

I think tomorrow I will make a rotisserie chicken. A nice comfort food.

8 thoughts on “Home Again, Home Again…

  1. Isn’t your own bed wunnaful? No matter how good the holiday has been.
    I would opt for farmers’ markets. The market belongs to lots of farmers. I am open to correction though.
    How lovely to discover new people that you like. I am glad that the dog was under control – and would have been a bit anxious too.
    I hope your last few days off work are lovely. Don’t work too hard at home.

  2. Welcome home! We’re caught up on Wentworth, but, Ron needs more. He actually has an episode on NOW… as I’m typing this. LOL
    He’d leave me for Bea Smith. haha
    Farmers or Farmers’ ? I’ve seen it both ways. A local market uses the apostrophe.

  3. This time of year is tough. I don’t want to hibernate. I want to garden, smell fresh cut grass, ride my horse after supper with sunlight to see. Oops, sorry–not very helpful with trying to be positive. But at least there are great things like the feel of big warm fuzzy socks, blankets on the couch (preferably with warm cat curled in lap) and netflix movies to look forward to. 🙂

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