We went on a very long walk today on Suicide Lake Trail and despite its name, it’s absolutely breathtaking. Part of it was on the walk we intended to go on yesterday but ended up lost instead. We did get lost again today for about an hour but found our bearings again. Well, my husband the compass figured it out. We would still be out there if it was my responsibility.

Here are pictures

The whole walk was covered with moss. It was quite isolated,  which I loved. We only saw 6 people in 3 1/2 hours. Altogether we walked about 14 km. My trekking poles helped me a lot. I’m sure I have arthritis my knees and the poles helped with the impact.

Here are two pictures of our hotel. I want this chandelier! Tacky supreme!

Here is our hallway.

Are you bored yet?

Last night I slept another restless sleep. I keep dreaming about The Situation with my stepdaughter and her daughter. I find it especially hard because SD didn’t want anything to do with me for 5 years, at one point telling her dad to divorce me or he would never get to see his granddaughter. I was called vile names and accused of the most awful and untrue things. Now she wants me to be there for her and support her. It would take a very good and strong person to not feel as I do. Or maybe not. Maybe I am not as nice as I think I am

Okay. Going for dinner and a movie.

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  1. What ethereally beautiful pictures of the forest, your hike!
    As to your SD and the situation- if your husband feels the need to step in and take care of that child, let him. And when I say “let him” I mean let him do all of it. And you move out and find a little place of your own where you can take care of yourself. Is that cruel?
    I don’t know. But I think it’s realistic.

  2. LOVED walking with you.
    Definitely not bored.
    And if you didn’t have reservations about your stepdaughter after the way she treated you I would be very, very surprised.
    We need to make judgements for our protection. Something I believe you probably do too little of rather than too much.

  3. Beautiful hike. I love the moss. I’m sorry to hear that the situation with your SD is stressing you so much. You have a right to say no if it’s something you don’t want to do. Saying no to someone doesn’t mean you aren’t a “nice” person it means you have wants, needs and feelings also and can respect and honor them in any way you need.

  4. I imagine this will happen to us at some time in the future as well. Sigh. It fucking sucks.

    You’re not a bad person. You’re a human being. It hurts when people call us names and threaten us. And holding children hostage as a bargaining tool is vile.

  5. Wow, what gorgeous terrain. Dear Birdie, I totally understand your not being able to take on the raising of a 4 year old. Is there anyone else who can? I was in the same position as you a little more than a decade ago, with a cousin and her 6 year old son. Fortunately, another cousin took in the son and raised him with her own boys. Is there extended family you can turn to? Don’t beat yourself up about this, no matter what happens.

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