This morning I woke up, moved to the living room and didn’t nothing else the rest of the day except watch Netflix. Okay, that is a lie. I didn’t do much today except fold some towels and unload the dishwasher and, well nothing much else. Usually I pass on Julia Roberts movies but because I was sitting on the couch all lazy like I decided to watch Mona Lisa Smile. I did not turn it off halfway through but didn’t like it all that much. It was…reaching. Don’t I sound like the snob for saying that? It could have been a powerful movie but it just came up flat. Or maybe it is me because I don’t care for JR’s movies all that much. That fucking smile gets on my nerves. Ah, but I am in a bitchy mood today. It could have been that we just watched Hidden Figures which I loved. So much that I am watching it a second time.

It is raining, raining, raining here. It’s like the weather noticed it hadn’t rained for three months and remembered and is making up for it. I bought a new rain jacket online that I am going to pick up tomorrow. It’s hard to buy something online, sight unseen but it was a good deal. If I hate it, I can return it. I’m also getting a hair cut and colour tomorrow. My grey is about halfway grown out and looking like hell. If you are new to my blog or have forgotten, I have blue highlights. It surprising the amount of compliments I get on my hair. When I got the highlights it was to distract from the bright line of gray roots growing our. I think after I grow out the grey I will keep the blue highlights.

The plumber was here today but it didn’t cost as much as I thought it would. Way, way more than I make in the same amount of time but I didn’t freak out too much. Next week is the gas fireplace repair and the new furnace. The furnace is going to be very, very expensive. I’m looking forward to turning on the gas fireplace because last year when I turned it on after being off for 3 months, Norbert who had been sleeping in the bedroom came running as fast as he could. He loves the fireplace. It’s very nice thing for a cat to have.

That’s about it for now. It was a very, very lazy day.

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  1. We need to get our gas fireplaces fixed as well. They are lovely in their way.
    I don’t even know what I think about Julia Roberts. I don’t hate her. I know that.
    Some day are just meant for just being.

  2. I have never had a fireplace! And the Julia Roberts movie I like is Erin Brockovitch…and it is kind of cool that Erin herself, as well as her boss, (her boss is now deceased), had cameos in this movie.

  3. I suspect you needed your lazy day. We all do from time to time.
    We had our heater repaired this week. I was afraid we were going to be told that a new one was required, but we got lucky. And the tradesman who came around was quick, quiet and thorough.
    I am going to send a thank you letter to the company.

  4. JR is not that pretty as far as I see it and she’s an awful actress to boot. I watched Hidden Figures yesterday. It was such a great movie that I have to buy the DVD. I only buy the movies I like so I can watch them over and over again anytime I want.
    I know what you mean about the furnace. The puppies go freaking wild when we turn ours on in November. they live in front of that thing.

  5. ❤ Yesssssss to this post. I miss my girls. Can't wait for the move and my "The Golden Girls" DVDs to be accessible again! Rest well, I say. It's different than lazy!

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