So Long Summer

It has been one of the nicest summers that I can remember. Sunny and warm but not too hot. It is also the driest summer on record, depending what weather channel you ask. The last few nights have been quite cool so today I put the flannel sheets on the bed. I am looking forward to crawling into bed tonight.

Today I have been puttering around the house. When I was bleaching the kitchen counters I noticed that our sink was leaking. Everything was soaking wet underneath. Plastic bags and compost bags had to be hung to dry and then they blew all over the yard. It looks like a broken pipe as far as I can tell. Plumber needed. Ka-Ching! We also need to have our gas fireplace serviced and a new igniter put on. Ka-Ching! And of course, we need an entire new furnace as I mentioned in a previous post because ours is 22 years old. It turns out that the previous owners did some sort of makeshift repair and it is actually really dangerous and could have been leaking carbon monoxide. I want to say we had a house inspection when we bought this place 6 years ago and he didn’t pick it up. Nor did he notice faulty wiring. Or that the back stairs were coming off the side of the house. And about 20 other major things. He did notice one of the bedroom doors had a large hole in it. If I had one piece of advice to new home owners I would say forget the home inspection and get individuals in for checks. A plumber. An electrician. Someone who installs gas furnaces. A carpenter. We likely would not have bought this house if we knew how bad everything was. My husband can fix anything but he is not a qualified expert on the major issues.

Today is the first day in months that I have used the dryer. I’m going to miss hanging clothes on the line. There is something so satisfying about a bath towel that has been hung on the line to dry. Give me a stiff towel over a towel that is fluffy from fabric softener any day.

My step-daughter’s trouble continues. She had an appointment today with CPS. I drove her to the appointment. She has hated me since before her daughter was born. I haven’t been allowed to see her daughter since she was a week old. My stepdaughter told my husband to divorce me. She is very hard to love. She hard to even like. I don’t like the person I am when it comes to my SD. The other day I was here and her cell was at 12% and she didn’t have a charger because it was stolen from her sometime during this whole debacle. I gave her one from my old iPod chargers. Not a thank you. That’s how much she hates me. When her daughter was born I sent piles and piles of baby clothes. Again, no thank you. I’ve tried to accept that this is the way it’s going to be but my expectations get in the way. I was raised by my stepdad and have a great relationship with him and my stepsister. When my husband and I met I thought his family and my family would come together as one big happy family. My stepdaughters mother choose not to be a mother to them when they were young so my husband raised them on his own. I had hoped to be a friend to them and even a possible mother figure. That didn’t happen. How often do our expectations cause us to be miserable? I would have been a most excellent grandma to my SD’s daughter. My step grandparents never treated me any different than their biological grandchildren. I would have done the same thing. Anyway, my SD needs something now and I hope that she and her daughter will become a part of my life now. But again. Expectations get me in a lot of trouble.

Well, the dryer is done and there are sheets to be folded and stored until next spring. And I need to call a plumber.

8 thoughts on “So Long Summer

  1. Sigh. I am sorry – and yes you would have been a wonderful grandmother.
    I really, really like line-dried clothes. They smell lovely. Once years ago I stayed in a Bed and Breakfast which dried its bed linen (and it was linen) over lavender bushes. It is a memory I hug to myself.
    And hugs to you too.

  2. Everytime I comment here…it gets f’d up!!!
    I will try again….😁
    I dont remember the last time you spoke of you SD…I think her daughter is about the same age as our Miss V?
    Yes indeedy…you would have made a wonderful Nana…
    Did I tell you??? My son and DIL are having a wee girl in December…really looking forward to that!
    I love flannels too…but we are in the low 30’s here in Southern Ontario…very toasty1
    I love clean sheets…I change the pillowcases everyday!
    enjoy your week Barbara…good luck with the plumber…get your hubby to check the joint…sometimes all it needs is a new application of plumbers tape…
    Linda :o)

  3. Sorry to hear that your SD doesn’t see who you really are and instead wants to think of you as the wicked step mom. It is her loss and unfortunately her child’s loss too cause you I’m sure you are an awesome grandma.
    It has been the driest summer on record for BC from what the news said. For our area in the Kootenays it has also been one of the hottest too. I haven’t been line drying my clothes because of the smoke but I love line drying when I can.

  4. Blended families are a kettle of fish all to their own. Growing up I had two half sisters then later in life been both a step mom and then a mom with my husband being a step dad to my son. How each person dealt with their step siblings/mothers/fathers was such a complicated equation. It taught me each person was the sum of their own experiences and how they treated me actually had nothing to do with me personally. It is easier to let go and be sympathetic (even to a dushbag of a step sister, lol) knowing they are going to be however they are regardless if I get all mad about it or accept it and be the good person I am, be nice/helpful/supportive of them. It took a long time to get to this place mentally, but it is so freeing! Good luck to you with you SD and good luck with the house fixes!

  5. Wow. That sounds unbearably difficult. Seems like it must put a strain on all three of you and your relationships.

    I’ve had a lot of step parents, but I imagine *being* the step-parent is far and away more challenging. Calm. open arms and little expectation should be enough to bring most of us evil step-children around, but family dynamics are seldom simple.

    I was just lamenting the fact that my next loads of laundry will probably have to go in the dryer. I like winter well enough, but I sure do love my clothesline.

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