Well, here we are on my favourite island for a couple of days away. And oh, look what I found!

A hard cover book of one of my favourite books ever, Charlotte’s Web. You can’t tell by this picture but it’s quite a large book, printed on gorgeous paper. In the past I have mentioned the bookstore here because it’s probably the best bookstore ever. The owner still writes everything out by hand and doesn’t use a computer at all. When you go to the till it takes awhile because she has to write down the title and ISBN by hand. That’s how she does her inventory. But the amount of titles! Shelves and shelves of books! Books stacked on the floor and in cardboard boxes. Every available space has books. It’s heaven I tell you. Heaven. Today I spent way too much. But don’t ask. It was a lot. I don’t feel too bad though because I am on holidays right now and we had to forego a proper holiday because we just can’t afford it right now. There is no way I can justify going into debt for a holiday. Last year, after I finally became debt free, I got rid of my overdraft, my line of credit and my credit card with a $35, 000 limit. All I have now is one credit card with a limit of $500.00. Thats right. A five hundred dollar limit. That’s it. It rare when I buy anything for myself beyond essentials so the books are an extravagance. We could have gone to Hawaii. Instead we are going away for two nights and I bought books. Later this month we have to get a new furnace so that is going to eat up about $5, 000 right there. My husband and I are each paying half and I should be able to pay cash for it by then. It will wipe my account out completely buy hey, no debt.

It is so quiet where we are right now. There aren’t any T.V.’s in the rooms which I love. I’m feeling rather sleepy. We are going out for pizza tonight at a little place that has a real pizza oven and makes all their pizzas by hand.

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  1. It sounds totally blissful.
    Enjoy your time to the maz.
    I went to a bookfair on the weekend and bought nearly 30 books. And feel very little guilt. The dearest was $5, and most of them were less.

  2. OMG! It does feel great to be debt free, doesn’t it? David and I paid off both the car and truck and the house with us both working. It only took 3 years and it was worth all the hard over time.
    Anywho, I wanted really to say that any money spent on an honest to goodness book is the best money spent. I do love me that fresh book pages smell.

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