It is 37 Celsius right now. That’s close to 100 Fahrenheit. We don’t have air conditioning. Surprisingly, I am not cranky…yet. Every home I went into today was hot. One lady I saw today is dying and was cold and had the heat on. In a million years I would never ask her to turn the heat down because being cold sucks so much more than being hot.

When someone I am caring for is dying I will do anything to make the part of the day the best possible. People often ask how I do my job and not get depressed. For me, it is anything but. We all have to die. There is no way out. My job is to make it the best possible experience. A few months back I had a woman in her early 50’s who at the time had a week to live. Neither of us knew it at the time because she was still living independently at home. The last time I saw her she was going to an appointment at the hospital and I helped her into the passenger seat of her friend’s car. I gently touched her forehead with my forefinger, a symbol for me when I am telling them, “I am humble before you, I send you peace, love and healing”. She didn’t come home from that appointment and was admitted to palliative care. She died a week later. The last time I was with her I was going to leave her home early because I could see she was so tired but she grabbed my hand and asked me to stay. She cried. I cried. I told her that I wouldn’t forget her. And I won’t because her life and her dying touched me so deeply, I have been looking for a fairy ornament to keep in her memory because we both believe in fairies. I have never done that with a client before.

How can I not love my job? I helped in a small way to make someone’s passage a little better.

It’s funny how a post can grow organically. I was going to write about the heat. Instead I was able to honour my client who loved fairies.

I am on my days off now, work for 5 days then I’m on holidays. Whooot!

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  1. How lucky your clients are to be in your care. I hope with all my heart that I am so blessed when my time comes. A dear friend in her early 50’s is now getting home hospice care and it’s been a godsend. Hospice workers are special people. An empath is a wonderful thing to be.
    Enjoy your well earned time off. Much love.

    • I hope her last stages of living are peaceful and that she is surrounded by all the things and people she loves. And I hope your time with her is a beautiful one. It is going to be sad. So sad and painful that you won’t know which way is up but she is lucky to have you to see her off and have the best death possible.

  2. Your symbol of touching her forehead with your finger, that’s incredible, Birdie. As are you. I reach out my finger to your forehead with all my heart.

  3. I see the beauty and reward in your work and am very glad that you can appreciate the magic too. Gorgeous. Much love and thanks :o)

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