Well, it’s Sunday again and The Bread People were not there again today. What’s up with that?

This week I have not been exercising and have been eating all manner of crap. Now that I no longer have a uterus I have no idea when my cycles are. My mom is not alive to ask but don’t you have normal periods for 35/40 years, you enter peri menopause and then your periods come sporadically then stop completely? I must be close to menopause because I felt great for the last couple of months with no symptoms but now the PMS symptoms are really bad. It’s like my body was making up for having no PMS symptoms. I’m tired and drained and cranky and eating everything in sight. I’m going to try to do some cardio today but I will first come up with a dozen excuses why I can’t or should be exempt.

You all likely know that I am a medical marijuana advocate but I feel like my limit is being pushed. Our neighbour has her grown son living with her and he smokes pot all day long. It smells like pot all the time. If it doesn’t smell like pot it smells like cigarette smoke. It’s a beautiful day but I have to keep the windows closed or our house smells. I’m not sure what the solution to this problem is. In Canada you can get a license to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. I use the oil or capsules myself. But what about the smoke? I go into apartment buildings now and I can smell it when I walk through the front door. The entire building smells. What can be done about it? Before Canada makes it completely legal in 2018 we have to come up with some solutions to some key issues. (Another being driving while under the influence and having a way to check like a breathalyzer for alcohol.) An apartment building of 500 people should not have to have the smell of pot wafting through because one person smokes it for medicinal reasons. I’m wondering if we can even legislate that they can partake but not through smoking it. And there are lots and lots of ways to take medicinal marijuana.

Anyway, this post took all afternoon to write. I got caught up in a fix a computer loop where you try to fix one thing and each one thing causes 3 more problems and it compounds like interest owing on a credit card and you can’t begin to fix all the problems. I finally gave up and now I am going to go have a bath. I never did cardio and I’m too tired to proofread.

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  1. I’d love to give you some helpful advice about peri- and actual menopause, but I’ve thought I was in menopause three times now only to have my body boldly and blatantly tell me that I was wrong. Man, I want to know about the bread people. It’s o.k., I didn’t exercise today, either. -Jenn

    • So you are in peri menopause too? I have to say that getting a hysterectomy has been so unbelievably fantastic. I don’t miss that time of the month at all.

  2. I was very, very lucky and menopause just slid on by. And I really, really don’t miss what one imbecilic doctor (male) diescribed as ‘reassurance that I am a woman’.
    You could use me as a sniffer dog. The smell of marijuana smoke makes me want to puke. And if it is very strong I do.

  3. Hopefully you will feel better tomorrow. I don’t know where I am either, my periods stopped earlier this year. I feel good most of the time and when I don’t I just think I am getting old and out of shape. Lol. But I never thought about that, you’ve made me question and maybe I should keep a log in case it is a cyclical thing. But what to do about it? My usual thing is just to ignore it and hope for the best. I went to the doctor before they stopped and she tested my hormones etc and sent me away. So I must be ok. Lol. As for the cannabis I agree maybe the legislation should specify what from the medicinal cannabis can be taken in and rule out the smoking. It sounds horrendous.

    • Personally I’m very anti weed. My younger daughter has an addiction and the doctor thinks a great deal of her mental issues are because of it. I’ve begged her to stop.

  4. I’m curious to see how the legalization of marijuana will play out. Are more people going to smoke? Or will some people try it just because it’s legal and then stop? I’ve asked my two daughters if they care and they said no. They don’t seem to think it’s a big deal. I personally don’t like the smell and weed actually makes me ill. I’ve only tried it once in my life. Someone said I might be allergic to it. I think it may have just been cheap, crappy stuff.

  5. I’m surprised apartment supers haven’t done anything. Here, ‘No Smoking’ means no smoking, regardless of medical necessity. As for your house, hmm, i can see how that could be irksome. Maybe some fans blowing out on the toker side? And they would even help draw fresher air in through the opposite one?

    I’m sad about the bread people too. Hoping they didn’t get attacked by a giant flock of ducks. (God-forbid a flock of giant ones!)

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