Sometimes I think my days off are less restful than the days I work. This morning I woke up at about 7:30 and watched the last 40 minutes of The Butler. I cried when I first watched a few years ago because it had such a positive ending with Obama getting elected. This time I cried because I am wondering what the hell happened. Seriously? What has happened? Moving forward in 2008, a black president! And now. Yeah. And now.


Today was take shit to the recycling depot day. Piles of crap that doesn’t get picked up in our regular pickup. Glass. Styrofoam. Batteries. Old computer equipment. I hate going. It’s always so busy and you are lucky if you even find a spot to park and then you have to wander around trying to find the proper place to put it. From there I went to get Norbert, The Ungrateful Bastard, his special cat food. It was funny when I brought it home because he knew what it was and got all excited. He just woke up from his nap in his teepee. He takes his afternoon nap in there. He’s all groggy and disoriented now.

Also went to the dollar store, replaced the propane tank for the barbecue and got groceries. Then I came home and cleaned for about 2 hours. How does a part of the house we don’t even go to get so gross? I’m not kidding. It took two hours because stuff just seems to collect there. Anyway, it’s clean and now I have some kombucha brewing. The clothes I hung on the line outside yesterday are still there and I should go and get them and fold them and put them away but I’m too tired now.

I’m going to bed early tonight.

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  1. Days off are like that. I remember spending them rushing round frantically trying to do all the things I hadn’t got to all week.
    I hope you do get your early night. And some relaxation.
    Jazz gets all excited when we bring the groceries home. He is even nice to me.

  2. I cried at the end of that movie too. I wanted Obama to stay as president for life but it would never happen. My Monday morning cleaning fest sounds like yours. It took me 2 hours to clean house and I got so tired afterwards. I’ve never heard of kombucha. I heard it gives your immune system a great boost. I need to check that out

  3. I like it when Peep #1 goes to the recyclin’ place. She takes the bottles with the deposits and the deal is, we cats behave, and we get the bottle money. I’m savin’ up to buy some more nip. PURRS.

    Seville from Nerissa’s Life.

  4. careful with the old computer equipment. my husband was lifting heavy printers and ancient computers to the trash at work when his back just gave out. i hope you get to rest up today.

  5. Our pups know when it’s new bag day. Which was yesterday and they were pretty darn happy about it. Thanks for stopping by, today! Here’s to the rest of summer. I enjoyed it but I soooo love autumn. How about you?

  6. Dear Birdie, yes, your “off” day just filled up with the getting done of all the loose ends of life. I remember days like that. Now that I’m unable to drive–because of Glaucoma–my days are spent in the house, mostly pitching, doing this and that. Today I did a load of laundry and I hope to do some blogging and writing. All very doable things. Just reading about your day tired me!!! Peace.

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