The Jig Is Up

So, you know from my last post that the bread people have been shuffling bread around for weeks now in some sort of bread mystery/conspiracy. This Sunday, all of a sudden there was nobody. No bread. Where did they go? And what happened to the bread? Maybe they knew they I have been watching them and they have moved operations to a different location.

The world is a weird place.*

Did any of you see the solar eclipse? I saw part of it. Some very nice people let me use their eclipse glasses.

The picture through the glasses was taken by a coworker. We sort of, kind of, a little bit snuck away from work for 30 minutes. Her aunt and uncle came to where we work and let me use their glasses. The second picture was taken by me.

The picture above was taken close to where I work but I am so busy I never get a chance to go and sit. I really should take the time. I have to tell you the name of the marsh. It’s called Buttertubs Marsh. Our city is full of weird names. Twiggly Wiggly Rd. Bergen-Op-Zoom is another road name. Jingle Pot Rd. Dingle Bingle Hill. The story goes that one of our former mayors let his kids name the roads. He was a crazy (good crazy) and eccentric man, probably the best mayor we ever had. He used to dress up as a pirate and go downtown and talk to people. Oh. We also have bathtub races. I will let you look that one up on your own of you care to know.

We do have a statue to commemorate him. One time someone stole his sword so it had to be replaced.

The washing machine just beeped and now I have clothes to hang outside.

I have no idea what the purpose of this post is.

*or maybe I am the weird one. ???

9 thoughts on “The Jig Is Up

  1. I wonder if we will never get to know about the bread people. Im a little surprised at how disappointed I feel about that. Lol

  2. Hey Birdie, yes I did see the eclipse, well not really but I was outside while it was going on. I think we only got 80% coverage and I was thinking it would get noticeably darker outside but it only dimmed a bit. I was very disappointed. I didn’t have any glasses so I tried to take a picture with my phone in selfie mode with the sun behind me. All I got was a very bright picture of what looked like a totally normal sun. Oh well maybe I’ll go East in 2024 and get myself some eclipse glasses. Now I’m even more intrigued about the bread people. Your mayor sounds like the right kind of weird.

  3. Good lord my friend. Which one of us ISN’T weird? I think the ones who look to be or seem to be or appear to be normal and rational are faking it. Or at the very least they are better at hiding it than the rest of us. And now I wonder what happened to those bread people too…

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