Home Again

Well, we are home and I am back at work though it seems I have been off for a month instead of my regular two days off plus one extra. So tired. I don’t do well in big cities with lots of people. Totally overwhelming. How do people live right in the middle of large cities and not go mad?

Here are some pictures of the last evening and day.

Sun going down between two buildings. If I was thinking I would have gone on the balcony and bypassed the dirty hotel windows.

The above pictures are from the gaybourbood. Is that political correct to say that? I know the people that live there call it that but I don’t know if it’s right that I call it that. It is this amazing little neighbourhood that just sort of appears out of nowhere. From this busy city with horns blasting and people rushing to a few quiet streets where men hold hands and everyone seems to know one another. Aren’t the rainbow sidewalks cool?

And within this neighbourhood are these beautiful flower gardens and some community vegetable gardens as well.

If I had to live in the city I would live here but homes cost in the millions! Oh, well. I am content to say where I live now. Tonight I shall sleep in my own bed with my own bed sheets and my cotton quilt, and, oh bliss, my own pillow. I’m going to have to start traveling with my own pillow because I simply cannot sleep without mine. It is a memory foam pillow like this.

The problem is if is heavy and dense. It weighs 2 pounds and takes up an entire carry on bag. I guess I will just have to start paying for the extra luggage. Poor me. First World Problems.

On an end note, you can tell it’s Welfare Wednesday here because drug dealer neighbour is coming and going as usual.

18 thoughts on “Home Again

  1. The pix are delightful! I love the rainbow sidewalk! I live in Los Angeles. It’s what I know. Born and raised here. When I go other places I fall in love but I don’t know if I could really really move from big city living. I don’t know, maybe if the location were near enough to a big city. I hope you get good rest! Be glad you don’t live in the US… joanne

  2. Tell me about your pillow. I have yet to find the “perfect” pillow. I’m still not sure if feather is better, or some other type of fill. Can you squash your pillow? I have a tendency to squash mine up under my head. -Jenn

    • It doesn’t need to be squashed because it is already so dense. Totally supportive. I will say most people hate these pillows but it’s the only one I can use. The other issue is the strong smell when you buy it. I had to put it outside for a week to wait for the smell to go away. Check out Costco’s website. The picture I posted is from there so you’ll know what to look for. 🙂

  3. Love the rainbow sidewalks and the garden.
    Decades ago I can remember hearing a friends mother saying she needed HER pillow to sleep. I inwardly sneered because a pillow is a pillow is a pillow. I have mentally apologised to her so many times.

  4. Glad you enjoyed Vancouver’s gaybourhood! Yeah, it’s fine to use that term. It’s been awhile since I’ve visited there. We took in Vancouver’s Pride Parade one year on the August long weekend and got burned to a crisp! Should have worn sun screen.

  5. I don’t know how people live in big cities either but some of us would not live anywhere else. We all have different needs and things which make us feel comfortable. I love the gaybourhood. I have no idea if that’s PC either but it’s sort of a lovely word. Reminds me of Mr. Rogers in some way. My pillows are feather and just about flat. I have five. I take one or two everywhere I go. They smush up to nothing.
    Anyway, welcome home, Birdie!

  6. Glad you’re home again. I love when you share interesting photos. I guess if there were more gaybourhoods with flower and veggie gardens the world would be a better place. But we’re stuck with stupid crap like the hate Dumbass Trump is promoting. We’re all hoping that Mueller hurries his investigation and gets that racist bastard impeached.

  7. I’ve never heard the word “gaybourhood.” As you know, I live in Los Angeles — I think those of us who live in big cities and really love our neighborhoods, don’t live the way tourists think. We stay in certain orbits, shop in the same stores, pass the same people and feel the same familiarity. That being said, there’s TRAFFIC. And sirens and helicopters.

  8. I was just thinking the same as Leeanna above. What a paradise that looks. In a different life in a different world we would all live in places with rainbows painted on the sidewalks and roads amongst gardens where the sun shines most of the day and the rain falls In The night and early morning. Love all the windchimes and bat or bird boxes.

  9. Instead of crosswalks, they should call them cross-hold-someone’s-hand-and-skips! (Sorry, *that* probably wasn’t PC, but in my defense, i’m an honorary gay, at the very least.

    • Oh, and i’m with you on the big city front. That ‘safe space’ actually seems potentially less safe than others. (Great concept, but certainly different than i’d envision. Then again, in that neighborhood, a scissor-running race might be safe.) Anyhow, i think that’s all for now.

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