Seagull Stands on Carrot

It could be a title to an oil painting. But I saw it with my own two eyes.

We had stopped for a drink and sat down and there she was. A seagull standing on a carrot. I told her that she was a nice seagull and I would post this picture on my blog

This afternoon we went here.

This is SYS Chinese Garden. I took more pictures but they didn’t turn out all that well.

And we rode around Granville Island on the Aquabus. I just took this picture off the internet but can’t remember the source.

Granville Island was so busy and now I am so tired. You couldn’t take a step without walking into someone. I tired to keep an eye out for other introverts who appeared to be freaking out but it looked like I was the only one. My husband rescued me and we left before I started to cry.

I kind of want to take this picture home. I wonder if the hotel would miss it?

Just in case you have money to burn, here is a scarf that you can buy from the hotel for $325.00. Seriously. Who has the money like that to spend on a scarf?

The seagulls continue to protest loudly

11 thoughts on “Seagull Stands on Carrot

  1. LOVE the first two photos particularly.
    I don’t think any of my complete outfits would cost as much as that scarf. Which probably means I am cheap.
    As a fellow introvert I so empathise. Crowds do my head (and tummy) in. I am so glad that your hubby rescued you.

  2. Dear Birdie, thanks so much for your helpful suggestion on my “alert” posting. I appreciate it. As to being ready to cry when in a crush of people, I share that with you. I get so claustrophobic that I begin to panic. I was once in a museum crowded with people to see an exhibit on Lincoln artifacts and I got so overwhelmed that I went out the emergency door. I just rushed at the nearest door. Needless to say, the employees there weren’t too happy with me. I just panted as they reprimanded me! Peace.

  3. Good grief! (scarf) I don’t even know how to wrap those like that… total waste of my money for sure. I’d rather spend it on carrots for seagulls.

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