A Summer Kvetch

You would think I would just be all grateful and writing gratitude lists like Oprah* tells me I should do in order to live my best life. My husband is home and though tired and weak, is doing okay. Though he did want to go out and work in the garden last night, just like a man. I finally agreed and let him water one small raised bed. Anyway, I am human damn it and I found something new to complain about. The heat. And the smoke. We have at least 150 wildfires burning right now. I will spare you the tirade about how many have been started by humans flinging lit cigarettes out their car windows. I mean, really? Fucking humans. Why are we such humans such assholes? Not me or any of you. Just everyone else. Anyway. The air quality is shit. And it's 33 Celsius in my house. And I'm cranky. So I am going to bed.

*My mom LOVED Oprah. Loved like she was a god and a guru all rolled into one. Me? Not so much. Oprah gives me a rash. And I would make a bet right now that Oprah is in air conditioning writing gratitude lists.

PS – Don't come to where I live and murder me now that you know what city I live in. Please.

13 thoughts on “A Summer Kvetch

  1. Murder you? No way, no how. Unless hugging you to death counts.
    The cigarette fires piss me off – but not nearly as much as the deliberately lit ones we get each season.
    I hope you get a cool break soon.
    And hugs.

    • You know my actual home address! If you were going to murder me you would have done it by now. But you can come anytime and hug me to death. Unless I hug you to death first.

  2. It’s hot here, too.
    I’ve had a hard time keeping my husband still, too. He had those two MOHS surgeries and a tooth implant last month. He was told to take it easy after each one. It was not easy to keep him still. Good luck to you.

    • Dental surgery is a strange thing because it sounds so easy. People think they can do stuff right afterwards but you need to take it easy for many weeks afterwards. I hope he is doing better.

  3. We get smoke here where I live in Texas every spring. It comes from the farmers in Mexico. They but the sugar cane crops for harvest. Burning sugar is nasty and it sends a lot of people to the hospitals with breathing problems. OMG! It’s raining. We are in the middle of our drought season and it’s freaking raining.

  4. Oprah. Mmmmm….
    I gave up on her a million years ago. She began to rub me the wrong way and I’m not sure why. I think it was her promotion of those Seven Secrets or whatever that stuff was. Just because the “universe” stepped in and made her Queen doesn’t mean that it’ll do the same for anyone else, no matter how much they visualize. AND she unleashed Dr. Phil on the world. She did do a lot of good and I won’t contest that but quite frankly, I think there were a lot of issues she never really dealt with. But you know- she’s human and probably a lovely one in real life. It’s just the Deification of her that I disliked.
    I hope it cools down for you soon, honey. And maybe you’ll get some rain which would help with the smoke.

    • I am actually in awe of Oprah. She has come so far and I absolutely believe she is a good person. Still, she gives me a rash. Maybe I’m jealous because she has air conditioning.

  5. That must be quite something, having smoke from forest fires part of the air you breath! We don’t have whole house air conditioning either, but we do have a window one in our bedroom. Other rooms have ceiling fans, which helps. I’m glad to hear your husband wants to do work – that’s a good sign, isn’t it? -Jenn

    • We do have a mammoth air conditioner but I can’t get it up the stairs. I’m not kidding. It’s almost as big as I am. Maybe today I will try to get it upstairs. Or not. Depends on my shoulder.

  6. Yup, we are getting the same horrid weather. It’s record breaking heat here with it being about 40C everyday and like that isn’t bad enough we have smoke too. I heard the smoke was so thick it was making it a bit cooler but really 39C is not much cooler than 40C and I’d rather the smoke get lost. Only good thing is we have a/c or we would be dead, all shriveled up like raisins with this heat. I don’t think we’ve had rain for over a month now and the forecast isn’t look good for the next two weeks either. I’ll be glad when summer is over. And I agree it’s so easy to make gratitude lists when you have “everything” to be grateful for. Hang in there Birdie Fall is coming and that is my favorite season so at least something to look forward to.

    • I’m glad you have air conditioning. You have blogged about your brutal summers. 33 is bad but somewhat bearable. 40 is just insane. People die in that kind of weather. Though fall is coming I’m not really looking forward to it. Bring on the depression. I get weary just thinking about it.

  7. Lol. Yes I am sure Oprah is inside with her air conditioning on and writing gratitudes. Lolol. Hope your rash is not itchy. You maybe need a vacination to enable you to take a bit of Oprah when necessary. I like her work and she is amazing, but try as I might to follow all the wise words and practices, I just don’t seem to quite get there the same.

    it sounds very difficult with the heat and the terrible wildfires. Take care of you Birdie. I wish you could come over here for a holiday, it’s summer here but very very wet and quite cool. I am trying not to complain. Especially when I see the heat and fires you have and also the heatwave in Europe which is overwhelming for people.

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