Husband is home from the hospital with a load of antibiotics and instructions to go back to the ER if he starts feeling worse. We live super close and I will keep a wife's eye on him. (You know how men can be.) I tell you, I am so grateful for our medical system. We didn't pay a dime and he got excellent care. Thanks for all your kind words. So appreciated.

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  1. Great news Barbara…
    Did not read your other posts as I was at the cottage…
    Sending best regards…
    Linda :o)

  2. I am having a drink to celebrate him coming home. I rarely drink but my friend’s father turned 100 and your husband is home and I did NOTHING today except shop online and buy nothing. PLUS I read about the Queen who has 4 drinks a day at 95. I hope your husband continues to improve. Joanne❤️

  3. I’m glad he’s doing better. Keep an eye on him but don’t forget about yourself too.

    • Oh My!, I’m just now catching up and thanking my lucky stars, as I’ve been bitten twice by feral kittens in the last week. Are the Doctors doing a culture to try to identify the cause?

      • They did but because they wanted him on antibiotics ASAP they were not able to grow a proper culture. They just said a staph infection.

  4. I feel bad that I didn’t see your earlier post asking for good vibes, I’ve been away so long I’ve missed a lot. I know you will keep a really good wifey eye on him, though that’s no guarantee that he’ll listen if you do spot something (men eh?). Love to you all.xxxx

  5. I’ve been helping my niece move for the past couple of days. This is the first post I’ve read in days. So happy that it’s good news. I hope he has a smooth recovery. I know he’s in good hands.

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