You know how they say life can change in an instant? The cat in the last post bit my husband the day before yesterday. Something scared him and my husband picked him up to take him to a quiet room and that's when he got bit. Everything has happened so quickly but my husband is now in the hospital. Antibiotics aren't working and he is now on the strongest antibiotic they have. It's not rabies. Just a virulent infection.
I'm not much into praying these days. God is always so quiet. But if you believe it works please do. Or send love. Or healing. I don't know. I am just so scared.

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  1. Oh Birdie! I am praying right this moment…and will continue. I had a cat bite about a year ago that required antibiotics. Cat bites are really something….I hope your husband heals quickly! You must be so worried. ❤️

  2. Oh Birdie, I’m so sorry and I will pray for your husband. Quite scary. Sending a big hug honey.

  3. Birdie, you and your husband are in my thoughts. I hope he improves soon. Please let us know. I’m so sorry.

  4. Oh Birdie. Cyber wellness wishes are pouring through the ether to your husband. That poor cat must have been terrified, but that doesn’t make it any easier for you or for your husband.

  5. Holy! That is awful! I hope he gets better quickly. Try not to worry too much. You know he’ll be fine in the end. -Jenn

  6. Sending well wishes for your husband.
    I remember when my cat bit my brother who was in the Navy. He was leaving for Japan and saying goodbye to my cat and she bit him on the arm. He said his arm was swollen to 3 times its size when he got off the plane and he ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks on intravenous antibiotics. He now hates cats.

  7. Similar thing happened to my niece. A cat bit the back of her ankle and the infection went into the bone. She had to stay on IV antibiotics in the hospital for over a week, poor wee thing.

  8. Just checked in Birdie and oh my, I see your hubby is home now and recovering but what a shock! Life hey? The unexpected always appearing to bite us when we are least expecting it. Who knew a cat bite could be so dangerous? I am just going to read the rest of your posts to catch up properly.

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