Before He Leaves

This summer continues to be beautiful. Not to hot, very little rain. And presently we have a houseguest. He is orange and fat and really, just a kitten still.

Meet Thorin. I call him Gimli because he looks like a Gimli and not a Thorin.

This cat is insane. Insane. He runs and runs and runs and runs. I open the fridge, he's there trying to climb in. I open closets and cupboards, he's there trying to climb in. I open the washing machine. Yes, he's there trying to get in. When not trying to get into things he runs. No destination. Just running. Because he can. Because he wants to. My son has been camping so we looked after his hyperactive cat but he's picking him up and taking him home in Victoria tomorrow.

He and Norbert sort of get along. They watch birds together.

Here he is sitting behind the curtain on a sunny day "talking" to a cat picture frame. Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention that he's not very smart.

Good lord. I just did a post about cats. This is the reason I am not blogging.

That is it for now. Time to go outside and stake up some Gladiolus.

Oh. I have one piece of news. I have now lost 30 pounds. Only took me a year. 10 more to go.

13 thoughts on “Before He Leaves

  1. It is LOVELY to see you back in the blogosphere.
    Congratulations on your weight loss.
    Love Glmli/Thorin. Anyone who looks that good doesn’t need to be bright. Which the media shows us every day. Sigh.

  2. That is amazing that he and Norbert get along! Any time a new cat has been introduced here, it has been a disaster. Norbert must be a pretty cool dude. -Jenn

  3. A post about cats is just about my favorite post. Look at my Facebook page – it’s filled with animals and babies! Congrats on your amazing weight loss. Good for you.👋

  4. Oh goodness seeing your son’s cat, Thorin, made my heart ache cause he reminded me of my own orange cat. She’s only passed away last Fall and I find myself missing her more the longer she’s been gone. With your tabby and Thorin together in that picture they could have been our two last Fall. Some cats are special and they leave holes in your heart when they pass away. Oh and I totally love cat post so do them any time you want as long as you add a picture or two.
    You are so lucky to not be getting our extra hot weather. I don’t think we’ve had rain in a month or more and it’s always high 30’s. At least we aren’t in an area that has been hard hit with forest fires and for that I am so grateful but we sure could use a week of rain.

  5. That photo of Thorin talking to the picture frame is hilarious. He has a pretty tail.
    Thirty pounds is fantastic. I’ve lost about the same and seem to be maintaining now. I need to lose more, so I’m not too happy that I’ve stopped losing. At the moment, I’m just trying not to regain any of it.

  6. Goodness, I missed you! I was hoping you were alright and you were. Losing 30 lbs is great! I’m still stuck. Haven’t lost anything except my sanity.

  7. Great pics Birdie! Congrats on that 30 lbs!!!!! That’s wonderful and it’s okay it took a year. You know it’s better to lose slowly than quickly. It will stay off that way!

    I send you an email – let me know if you didn’t get it okay? xx

  8. Have missed you, lady! You know what Hank says- the internet was invented for porn and cats. So…
    Congratulations on the thirty pounds. That is amazing. So are you.

  9. A thirty pound loss must feel GREAT! I think I found them though. 😏
    We were at a fundraiser for an animal welfare group recently and they had kittens… Ron would have adopted one but I just put cash in the collection jar and smiled at their cuteness.

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