The Break Continues 

Well, the new “Care Model” at work is in full force.  Previously I had 5 – 6 visits to clients each day.  Today I had 14.  14. I am tired and sore and cranky and when I come home I have nothing to say except complaints about work.  When I read blogs I can’t concentrate for more than a few minutes then my brain stops.  To add insult to it all, everyone in Canada just got a long weekend. Except home support workers. We never get long weekends.  I don’t remember the last time I had 3 days off in a row except my holidays. See? This is why I’m not posting. It’s all snarkiness and complaining. 

So, the blogging break continues. 

17 thoughts on “The Break Continues 

  1. I was a whiny little bitch today and I had nothing to whine or bitch about compared to you. You cannot possibly tend to fourteen people in their homes in one day. It cannot be done. I am amazed you haven’t quit in exhaustion and rebellion.

  2. 14!!!! You poor thing. I cannot imagine. I am so sorry Birdie. I will be thinking of you with super positive thoughts and sending you healing energy. Thanks for posting. Joanne

  3. So they doubled the number of clients you have to see in a day!!! You should write to the newspapers about what is going on even if you do it under a false name. It makes me so mad when the government thinks that treating the elderly and ill like they are dollars that have to be saved not to mention the toll that takes on the workers who then have to try to deliver quality care to the most needy people. UG!! I’d like to break something when I hear this and it’s not your blog!

  4. Dear Birdie, in the past, when I’ve found myself down in the abyss, I began to say a mantra that continues to help me when I’m feeling desperate. Here it is: “And all shall be well. And all shall be well. And all manner of things shall be exceedingly well.” Those words, repeated over and over bring me peace. I hope they do the same for you. Peace.

      • Dear Birdie, it is a mantra first said by Julian of Norwich many centuries ago. It has seen me through one illness after another and one emotional imbalance also. May it help you as it as saved me. Peace.

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