And Now With Addendum

Well I had a post here earlier and thought I put it into drafts folder but it’s not there. I really have little to say. But there is this

I am pretty sure Death walked by me today.  I was coming out of an apartment building of a client and he was in the underground parking. He had the hat and black suit on and everything. He looked just like the man from Poltergeist. I ran to my car really fast and that is the only reason he didn’t dead me. Okay. Maybe he wasn’t Death and just a very old man going to church.

Norbert is doing so much better. He is back to jumping and bounding and leaping and frolicking and spinning and turning and running and prancing and dancing and other Norbert-y type of things. He is licking in a cat high right now because he found his catnip mouse.
Tonight I cooked dinner and now I have to restart my cast iron because I burnt a pork glaze and now it won’t come off. Now I have to put it into the oven when I put the oven on self-cleaning, which ruins cast iron and you have to start seasoning the all over again. And I just got it the way I like it too.

I have soya sauce on my shirt.

BeforeIn sad news, I cut my azalea back today. She no longer looks pink and glorious. She looks like a child who took scissors to her hair and gave herself a haircut using pinking shears. I would take a picture but that would be mean. She looks that bad. And yet, she will forgive me and grow pink and glorious again next year.

Norbert just tried to catch a fly. He missed. Still…impressive!


The Addendum- the azalea may have seen better days but this is now in bloom. This is from our hedge by the front door. I have no idea what it is called. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? No. Really I don’t know the name but would like to.


27 thoughts on “And Now With Addendum

  1. Put some sea salt in your pan…use that like a scour, to remove the burnt crap.
    Then…a few drops of olive oil, rubbed all over with a paper towel…
    You’ll thank me in the morning….😉
    Linda :o)

      • Get off as much as you can, and give it a good oiling….
        Perhaps baking soda in water….boil gently for a few minutes…
        You can do this!
        I have had my nesting set of 3, for 46 years….and I have burnt a thing or two!

      • Actually, now I remember the thing about baking soda. Okay. I shall try. I do love my cast iron. It’s been a while since I scorched it!

      • And do you know the flowers on the bottom of my blog. I figured if anyone knew it would be you, the flower lady with a green thumb!

    • I agree with Linda. Course grain sea salt is the answer. Heat before you scour, it helps. Oil stops rust from forming.

    • Norbert is hunting birds right now. From the safety inside our home. He’s too afraid to go outside and hunt for real.

  2. That’s a weigela. Beautiful shrub, they are just about to flower here. Glad Norbert is back to his old self! -Jenn

  3. We’ve been told that death is a male figure but what if that’s wrong? What if it’s female? Best to be careful with very old ladies dressed that way, too. Who may or may not be going to church.

    Glad to hear Norbert is getting back to his old self!

  4. Our weigela is a much less impressive plant. Ours is a not very attractive pale pink. I lust after that one.
    Hooray for Norbert returning to his frisky ways.
    And yes, baking soda and olive oil. And patience.

  5. That flower you have in your vase, whatever it’s called, we also have growing in our front garden and it looks stunning at the moment.

  6. SO glad you weren’t deaded. I’ve scraped cast iron with a knife and then steel wool. Doesn’t seem to hurt it. Sometimes a good soak in dishwasher detergent and water will help.
    Hurray for Norbert although I’m sure he’s still an ungrateful bastard.

  7. The cuttings look like it’s from a Weigela. Very pretty color. About that man in the hat. If I had seen him I would have peed my pants and then some.

  8. So weird. I was once getting into a cab to work the night shift in New York City at a bakery, and I saw what I called the Devil, and he looked just like your Death. He had on a black suit and top-hat and I made eye contact with him and it was truly one of the most chilling experiences of my life. I haven’t ever really written about it, but now I will, I think.

  9. Hmmm. I like Martha’s idea of a female death. I know it takes two to tango and women aren’t bringing life into the world all by themselves, just seems like having a woman guiding life in and guiding out would be nice. At least to me ❤ Also like how it counters the overwhelming idea of male gods being in charge ;o)

  10. I like cast iron, but there is always that issue of keeping it seasoned. It takes a while to get it the way I like it. I wonder what that is in you vase on your windowsill. It is beautiful.

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