Birdie is a Pot Head

 It seems I should think more about clever titles to grab you that make you want you want to read about my mundane life.  What do you think about Celestial Cobalt Blue Sun Moon Stars Glass? Okay. I didn’t mean to write that. I was doing a search earlier  and cut and pasted that but just accidentally pasted here again. I’m keeping it for conversation.

Anyway… The reason I came up with tonight’s title is because I went and saw the pain doctor and I was all worried that he was going to think I was a pot head. Why? Because his clinic is also a methadone clinic. (Bonus points if you know what a Method One Clinic is. A Clue? Tobias) When I went in this morning there were about 25 people waiting for their prescription to go the pharmacy next door.  It was sad though. There were some people in really rough shape. So sick with addiction. Who can say any of us are beyond having a chronic injury, taking pain medication and becoming addicted? Don’t kid yourself. I have seen little old ladies that are less than 5 feet tall get violent because I didn’t get there right at 3:00 for the next dose of Percocet.  Anyway…where was I? Yes. I was worried he was going think I was there for pain meds. See why I never did drugs as a teenager? Way too worried about getting into trouble and way too worried about what people thought of me. In the end I opted out of any pain medication. He gave a figurative fist bump about the medical MJ. He did some injections. I go back next week.

Norbert is fine after his ordeal at the vet. When the vet took his temperature you should have seen the look on his face.  When the vet left the room Norbert looked at me and said, “Well, that was inappropriate”.  Right now he is also on pain medication and it is supposed to make him sleepy but he is an adverse-side-effects kind of cat and he has been running up and down the hallway like a bat out of hell all afternoon. He finally fell asleep about 20 minutes ago.

This was the laziest two days off I have had in a long time. It was raining but that’s just an excuse. I did laundry.  My husband and I switched some bed mattresses around. I mostly just sat and watched stupid things on Netflix. It’s crazy how exhausting being lazy is. I’m not kidding. I am so tired right now. Off to bed.

33 thoughts on “Birdie is a Pot Head

  1. Usually when they give u the pain shots they give you pain pills. I love the cartoon. Funny about Norbert. I hope you sleep well.

  2. I could tell lots of stories of my travels to the methadone clinic. Sad, funny, peculiar. I totally my morning off today. It is exhausting! ❤️

  3. I hope this helps your pain and you’ll enjoy your sleep more. Norbert is such a funny feline…

  4. I just had a mental image of Norbert running up and down a hallway. And yes, the whole temperature taking thing makes them rather indignant. -Jenn

  5. This is why I love reading your blog Birdie! You are so honest and funny!! AndnI am curious… “Celestial Cobalt Blue Sun Moon Stars Glass”??? What were you looking for using that description?

    • They are from a set of drinking glasses I have. I wanted more and was looking to see if I could get more. Way too expensive though.

    • I actually asked the vet about medicinal MJ for pets. It’s still being researched. He would be baked for years if I gave him any!

  6. Hugs to both yourself and Norbert, and I hope this helps you and that you get some much needed, and quality, sleep and rest.

  7. My lord, can you imagine if you accidentally gave Norbert one of your happy pills? He’d be out for days. Just an idea ya know.

  8. My son, who is an EMT, says the folks on methadone are in as bad or worse shape than those on heroin, that it is no solution. Could he be right? Pot is another story. I think I need CBD for my own pain. Don’t know why I’m dragging my feet about it. I too am scared of drugs. I know from past experience that I am an addictive sort. So I live with the pain.

    • That is so sad to think about. What a rotten way to live. Not much of a life at all. Do you really think you would have problems with MJ? You seems so responsible and logical. It is weird though. I have always feared addiction.

  9. Dear Birdie, in mid-March I had an operation and was afterward given an opiate. Fortunately I weened myself from it within 2 1/2 weeks, but it would have been so easy to become addicted.

    I live with a cat–Matthew–who is as solid as a Sherman tank. For 8 years he has raced through the house, jumping on furniture and unsettling the two other cats. He is a force of nature! Peace.

    • When I had my hysterectomy I took some Percocet type drug. It scared me how much it relaxed me. I never did finish the prescription.

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