Well Norbert is back from the vet and our household is about $1400.00 lighter. It cleared out my bank account almost. No worries. We have food in the house though right now my husband is trying to open a can of beans and can’t do it because the can opener is fucked. Why can’t they make things like the used to? You grabbed a can opener and a can and you opened it. Now they don’t work. This is the third one we have had in year and I can’t get any of them to work. Or maybe it is me. Maybe I figured out how can openers work when I was 5  and for some mysterious reason I can’t do it anymore. 

On Wednesday I (finally!) have an appointment at the pain clinic. It only took about 2 years.  It didn’t take that long because of Universal Healthcare. It took that long because nobody would listen to me and just kept telling me it’s a soft tissue injury and that it will get better.  It took a new doctor who told me outright that she has no idea what was going on and how about you go see Dr. Blackfork. (Not his real name but close.)  So I see him Wednesday. 

Today I did just a teeny bit in the garden. Pulled about 9000 feet of invasive ivy. Now my arms are all scratched to shit. I’m probably going to get lockjaw. 

I am not in a good mood today. Did you figure that out? 

Work was fine today. The weather has been beyond glorious. So sunny but not too hot. Blooms are everywhere. This is my azalea.  I have also planted red sunflowers,  cosmos, gladiolus, lavender and other stuff I cant remember the name of.  The other day I mowed the lawn but felt bad for mowing down the buttercups with their happy little faces nodding at the sun. So I left them. Now the lawn is half cut and half buttercups. It’s the backyard so no neighbors to look down on my raggedy lawn. I love the buttercups.  

I think it is time to switch over from flannel to cotton bedsheets. I have already stopped wearing flannel pyjamas and replaced them with cotton nighties. Lord, what a sight that is.  It’s not pretty, let me tell you. Things sagging everywhere that were once so high and perky. 

Why am I telling you any of this? I need to get out more. But getting out is one of the things  I like the least. I like being home and having an uneventful life. I like not having chaos.  At the moment all I can hear is birds chirping and the swish of cars going by a few blocks over. 

And with that, I am going to go clean stuff. 

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  1. LOVE your azalea. Something for which I have a black thumb.
    I am glad you were able to get Norbert treated, and still shuddering at the cost.
    You are so not alone on the can opener front. These days I try and get the ones with the ring pull. I have more chance of opening the suckers. Except when the ring pull snaps. Which has happened before now.
    Good luck at the pain clinic. Lots and lots of luck. And hugs.

  2. Did Norbert smile and show off his nice teeth? Your azalea is beautiful!! I’m glad you are going to the pain clinic. I really want someone to figure this out for you. The best can opener we have found is a hand opener made by … umm I think Kitchen Aid? Got it at Canadian Tire. Not too expensive, just works well. -Jenn

  3. Oh you crack me up! Yes home and wearing cotton nighties with our everything sagging everywhere is the best way to live. You are not alone in that my friend. Lol

  4. There’s an exercise where you look in the mirror and start telling yourself how much you love and care for yourself. Where you start to try to change the way you think. Our modern society tells us were are old at 30 and that getting old is a shitty thing to do. There are some societies that value getting older, value that things we have learned along the way. Not here in the good old USA for sure.

    I wish we could learn to love and care for ourselves as a parent (A good parent Birdie…not like the first father you had), see ourselves from that unconditional place.

    PS. I agree about the can openers. I am thinking that too many people tried to cut their own fingers off while operating that now they design them so they barely work.

  5. I wish I could do some yard work, but you know my back is a killer. I love your azaleas. I’m envious of the flowers you have.

  6. I think we are long lost twin sisters. 🙂

    Whoa, mama! Kids ain’t cheap are they? I sure hope Norbert feels better!

  7. I read this while drinking coffee and ended up feeling like we had a nice chat. I enjoyed that! Sorry about the vet bill, though.

  8. Sorry but the part asking if we had figured out that you were not in a good mood made me laugh! And I needed that. Today has been a shit day for me, too.

  9. You are so funny. I practice benign cat neglect so my cat Ollie has bad breath and has his teeth cleaned and pulled once in the 16 years I’ve had him. It won’t happen again.

    Does the CBD not help your pain? I have been on one spray during the day and one at night and my body aches have improved significantly. I think my anxiety too. More time is needed tho.

    Good luck! Your flowers are awesome!!

  10. Glad you were able to get him taken care of and your appointment as well. I have a kick ass can opener that I’ll be doing a video on soon. Best. Thing. Ever. Will share soon. THanks for your help, too. Later, Tim told me that we could have clicked the little YouTube words too. I had no idea. Still learning. Thanks for your continued support. You rock.

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