They’re Here!

Late last fall I was walking into our basement and noticed this outside on the edge of the doorframe.

All through the fall and winter I kept an eye on the wee egg sac, long after the mama disappeared. I let everyone know in no uncertain terms to leave it be. When Spring arrived I waited expectantly. I was starting to think it was a dud but look at what I came home to today!

And then again a few hours later. They seem to have made a ball of spiders.

And I love them! I have named all 514 of them Joy, Aranea and Nellie. Bonus points if you know why I named all 514 of them those names. Without looking it up on the Interwebs. Β Ha! See what I did there? Webs!

32 thoughts on “They’re Here!

    • I cried at least a bucket when I read the book to my kids. They couldn’t figure out why I was crying. It is a sad story.

  1. Well, be careful, darling. I heard this on NPR years ago, that the brown house spider is nicknamed the “false black widow” spider. Because it has a similar bite, but not deadly. It’s bite can leave blisters, pain and nausea …… unless, of course, you are allergic to it’s venom – and then that’s a whole different story.
    So be careful, darlin’, we don’t want you to be sick !
    But they are sweet too, so there’s that.

  2. How come everyone is showing photos of spiders on their blogs at the moment? What’s next snakes? I was thinking of posting a photo of a baby on mine, I think I’m turning soft.

      • I have heard of watching a bird’s nest awaiting the hatching but never watching for spiders to hatch. You definitely are one of a kind. Love it. By the way, thanks for visiting my art blog and I hope you will make some nose drawings. Want to see what you do.

      • I am not telling anyone other than my husband and bloggers lest they think me insane. More than I already am! πŸ˜‹

  3. Well done, Mama. Maybe one of the wee ones will come back to this very spot to lay her eggs (kinda like a salmon??) -Jenn

  4. Dear Birdie, despite my love of “Charlotte’s Web,” I’ve always been afraid of spiders. And so seeing all those teensy-teensy ones just gave me the shivers. I need to get back to a child’s sense of awe! Peace.

  5. Have you registered for a baby shower? What do they need? Ahahaahahahaaa! I love the pictures of the spiderlings.

    • I think most of them have already perished by the way of another cannibalistic spider. There are survivors currently living above the door way.

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