Okay. I have my Medical Document Authorizing the Use blah, blah, blah…and Access, blah, blah, blah… Medicinal Purposes. In short, I am doing this legally. And I have 4 capsules otherwise known as Halley’s (or Hailey’s) Comet. A blend especially suited for people with depression and anxiety who still want to function come morning. I took a capsule at 4:00. It’s 5:18 and I’m not noticing anything. The bonus for this strain (is it called a strain?) is it is also for pain. So I have decided against the Tramadol/Tramacet. And I am going to wait 2 weeks to do the small change made to my antidepressant because I want to know what exactly is related to the cannabis and what is not.

These are my new gardening clogs. They have chickens on them! I was being silly and ridiculous and paid way to much for them but I have to say, I was outside this afternoon planting bulbs (not 1000,  E.C. You put me to shame.) and it had just had poured rain. They rest of me was soaked but my feet were warm and dry. They grip really well too. Something I need. Mark my words. I am a klutz.  I would bet money that my eventual demise will be because I fell and broke my hip. Not now. It will be many years from now when I am old and brittle. Snap-pow! Broken hip. Pneumonia. Dead.

So another thing.  One client I go to needs almost no help at all so we pretty much just sit and visit for 2 hours when I go there once a week.  It’s awesome. My visit to her is one of the only times in my week that I can sit. Our conversation this afternoon was about her deceased husband whom she loved until the ends of the earth. Now I am thinking, little old 94 year old woman, met her husband when she was 15, got married when she was 18 and lived happily ever after. Ummmm. No. Not even close. Her story consists of several boyfriends before she met and married her husband at 25.  (She had been married before at 18 when the war started but the marriage didn’t last.) I have no idea how we got to the topic of her virginity but she told me in an almost “Duh?” tone that she was by no means a virgin on her wedding night. “Oh, no!  I had lots of boyfriends. I wasn’t a virgin!” (duh?)  It was so funny all I could do is laugh. This woman is every aspect of an old grandmother. She’s about 4 1/2 feet tall. She pudders around with a walker. She drinks tea. She’s British! A very proper little old English woman. Yeah, don’t let the disguise fool you.  The other part of the story was when she married husband 2 at 25 she told him, (get this!) I’m giving you a year. If I’m not happy I’m leaving. As it turns out she got pregnant and stayed and ended up loving her husband. So it all worked out.

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  1. She sounds like a lovely, no-nonsense lady. Perhaps what you do is provide her company which is just as important as other parts of care. I hope the weed works well for you.

  2. I hope the cannabis works for you. I know it’s helping Katie a great deal. She has this sound that she makes when she’s content. The big guy has never heard the sound in all the time he’s known me and her. She makes it now. She’s content. When she’s content, I’m happy.

    Your client was young during the war. My parents met during the war. I don’t think there were many virgins during the war. As my mum put it, “The boys would tell you that they could be dead tomorrow.” Whatever works:)

  3. First of all, I love your new shoes!! I would just feel happier doing my yard work with those on! I really hope your new “medicinal purposes” works well for you!! Have a good weekend, and happy Mother’s Day. -Jenn

  4. I LOVE your new shoes. And hope the cannabis is a life saver.
    Your client sounds like a lot of fun. I suspect you do each other good. Lonliness is a debiliating illness, which can only be addressed with human contact.
    And my bulb planting is a form of insanity. I have stopped for the year now. And the end total was 1600 or so. I hope they come up.

  5. I lust after your gardening clogs! Mine are boring grey. It is the little things that bring joy on a daily basis. I truly love your little old lady. I hope when I’m that age there will be some kind woman who will come and listen to my stories of a wild youth. One of the worst things about getting older is that people take one look at you and think you must be normal and staid. Never!

  6. Nice clogs!
    I think that every generation believes that it invented sex. I know my generation did. In reality, it’s been around for a very long time. Haha!
    Love you, Birdie.

  7. OOOOOOOOOBoy! Those drugs are clearly talking. The fact that you are taking blah blah blah lead me to believe you were on Cannabis. I heard it in your writing, it sounded like it’s working. You are sounding a little happier. The clogs are cute! That little old English lady sounds like fun to talk too.

  8. Looking forward to hearing how the medical marijuana works for you! And man, I need my glasses prescription changed, bad — I looked at that photo and thought it was pictures of Snoopy on your gardening clogs!

  9. Pot, clogs….fantastic! I love that you chose chickens, they’re happy shoes.
    I used to do caregiving like you (under the table) and one of the women I took care of was a 90 yr.old Jewish woman (passed at 95), who still made charoset, by hand, every Passover. (it’s a lot of work!) She had been presented to the Queen, (she would often curtsy with a laugh) . She had a bourbon at 5:00 every day and her husband had taken of picture of her, naked with a big flowery hat, when they first got married, about 1921! If something broke in the kitchen (I’m a klutz) she would yell “save the pieces!” They are amazing aren’t they? Yours sounds like a hoot, gutsy and daring! How great that you get to spend all that time with her, they really teach us don’t they? And I bet you tickle her, no end with your lovely laughter :))

    And YOU are a hoot! I’m so glad you find humor in the everyday, you set an example for me that I am yet to live up to.

    Happy, Happy Mothers Day to you! You’ve done a wonderful job of raising your little chicks, xo 🙂

  10. 1) Clogs. They are awesome.
    2) Old lady. She also sounds quite awesome.
    3) With regards to medical marijuana, I would review with your dispensary. I never utilized the pills personally and instead used Oil regularly (took about 30 minutes to an hour to kick in) and had my vaporizer as a backup. Edibles were also useful for particularly bad instances…took longer to kick in but hit like a brick.

    I hope you feel a bit better.

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