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Yesterday we had a provincial election here and we are no closer to knowing who won that we did when the election started. It is that close. They are doing recounts and checking the absentee ballots and we won’t know for a couple of weeks who our Premier is. I’m just hoping for change. Change of the most vulnerable. Change for the sick. Change for the elderly and for all of those who have no voice.  The current government does none of this. 

Because of the election I didn’t go to bed until very late and then the damned birds woke me up at 4:30. See? What a cranky woman I am. They start at 4:30 and are very loud. I yell out the window for them to shut their beaks but it only eggs them on. Eggs. Get it? See what I did there? Okay. I don’t yell out the window but I do close it and try to go back to sleep. This morning it was to no avail. Now I am so tired. 

This afternoon I went to see Rebecca. Rebecca is my doctor and I love her. She doesn’t want to be called Dr. She wants to be called Rebecca. Isn’t that cool? I feel so at ease with her. I spent way more than my allotted to me. A first for me. Because I’m always hyper aware of taking too much time and infringing on someone else’s time. Not today. We talked about my shoulder. My MRI is in June. She prescribed some pain medication because I can’t take it anymore. The pain at times is so bad that it takes my breath away.  Pain shoots through my arm and shoulder that is nothing I have ever felt before. All I can do is just wait for it to pass. The rest of the time it is a dull ache that never goes away. It’s never less than a 6 on the pain scale. I’m hoping the pain medication will at least help me sleep comfortably. At this point I am not really using my right arm. Rebecca also referred me to a pain clinic.  We also talked about my antidepressants and changed things around a bit. And we talked about medicinal cannabis, which is legal where I live, for anxiety. She thinks it will be a great fit for me. I’m hesitant because of all the stigma attached. It’s fine for everyone else because I know it works but for me I feel like I’m just not trying hard enough. I don’t know. I don’t know what to do. I just know that the anxiety I am dealing with is no longer under control and it is controlling me and my life. God knows, I have tried everything. 

This afternoon my husband and I went to the nursery and picked out flowers for the garden and then we went out for a late lunch/early dinner which means we don’t have to cook tonight. Yay. 

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  1. It sounds like you have a great doc. Try the medicinal marijuana and see if it works. I’m with you on the sleep…I hope you can get some tonight. Hugs!

  2. Try the MJ, but please please please be careful with the pain meds. You know me.. 🙄

  3. Birdie, I am happy to hear that you’ll be trying MJ. I’m eager to hear if it helps. I have a variety of issues and am so tired of the different meds prescribed. I’m thinking of trying the MJ route myself. I’m confused but will check it out. Good luck and sleep tight.❤️Joanne

  4. I am so very glad that your doctor is wonderful. And yes, try the medical mj. I will cross my fingers and toes it works. It might help with the pain too.
    I hope your experience with the pain clinic is great. Mine wasn’t stellar. They told me things like ‘pain impacts on every part of your life’ and expected it to be news (and a requirement to be eligible for the clinic was that you had to have experienced chronic pain for a year or more).
    And I have another magnet to send too.

  5. I can’t tell you what to do because I don’t know what you should do. I can tell you, that if I was in the same predicament I would try the Cannabis. I wouldn’t want to, for different reasons than you, but if it presented a possible way to deal with the pain and anxiety and is a natural and organic method vs. a pharmaceutical one, then yeah, I’d try it.
    Gosh your Rebecca sounds wonderful. I think my doctor would be insulted if I called her by her name, though I’ve thought of doing it just to see her reaction…hehehehe 🙂

    Whatever you do, Birdie, I just really want to see you relieved of some of this stuff, dear girl.

  6. I watch a great deal of British shows with doctors and I love that in all of them, they call themselves by their first names. It’s wonderful.

    Glad you love your doctor, that’s the best. Truly grand.

    I wish I could explain that what others think, stigma and all that, doesn’t mean diddly donky do. What’s important is you and if this helps you, then screw EVERYONE else.

  7. Well, you probably know what I’m going to say. I’ve talked to many, many people who use cannabis for anxiety and a host of other issues and diseases. For some it is positively life-changing and has none of the side effects that traditional pharmaceuticals have. You can do it, Birdie! There’s absolutely no downside. I think the only trick is knowing what strain and how to dose it, but I suggest you take a look at the website Leafly. They have cool graphics and very easy to understand information. You might also look at the Realm of Caring website. Good luck, and if you need any support, you know where to find me!

  8. I hope you try the medicinal marijuana. And I hope you tell us all about it. My oldest sister, an anxiety sufferer and ex-battered child, lives in California and uses it. It has changed her life for the better. I wish I had access to it in Florida.

  9. Cannabis: it’s only a plant. Nothing to be afraid of. Screw the “stigma.” The stuff is ubiquitous already, smoked by professors and lawyers and people in every walk of life. You’d be surprised. One day in the future our repressive laws will be looked back upon and laughed at because they’re so stupid. -Kate

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