Because I am Not Melancholy Enough 

Because I am in a depressive episode. And because I am, and always have been an idealist. And the reality of this life is certainly far, far away from my expectations. Which tells me I need to change my expectations.  Old habits die hard. 

This is probably one of my favourite songs. On my MP3 I have it by Joni and Judy. Tonight, let’s listen to Bing. I know he may have been an ass but let’s just listen to the voice. That voice! 

11 thoughts on “Because I am Not Melancholy Enough 

  1. I used to see him on TV, singing like this, when I was a kid. That was so long ago. I forgot how beautiful his voice was. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Birdie, sorry you’re down. I’m going through my own struggles and the stress is interfering with my sleep. I lied and prayed to God, but felt it was more of an exercise in meditation since I’m really agnostic. I hope your feelings take a turn for the better. I enjoy your posts so please keep writing! 💙

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