Not Quite a Wordless Post

The afghan in the post below belonged to this woman, my Nana. Here she is with my brother and me. I was 3 months old. She loved, loved, loved her grandchildren.  I was her favourite. She told me so. But at her funeral we found out she said that to all 6 grandchildren.

9 thoughts on “Not Quite a Wordless Post

  1. It was true. In all the world, you were all her favorite. Don’t you love your kids the same way? Each of my 4 are my favorite for a different reason. I have no trouble saying I have favorites….but it is all 4 and all the time.

    Everyone wants to feel special and it is a grandmothers privilege to do so. I love that photo.

    • That’s an amazing photo. Your Nana looks so serene and there is nothing sweeter on this earth than a sleeping baby. I am so very glad that you go that blanket!

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