Another Picture 

I forgot to show this picture yesterday. This afghan was my grandmother’s. It sat on her chair and had been made by one of her sisters. When she died I just assumed that someone from the family would have taken it so I was surprised when I was at my aunt’s one day and she had it on a shelf in storage. I brethed a big sigh and said something about how much it reminded me of Nana. She said, “Do you want it?” and I gladly said, “Yes, please! Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!”  She has gazillions of things from my nana and the blanket was actually going to be donated to a thrift shop! Anyway, here it is on my bed I love how it matches so nicely. 

We are getting ready to go out. Last night I didn’t sleep well. Again. So it goes. One really deep restful sleep then a week or two of being so tired the next day that I can barely think. It’s really hard on those days getting up for work at 6:30. 

Happy Easter. Not in the bunny sense but in the Hope sense that if there is a God that we aren’t all going to die in WW 3 started by insane men that have been elected or placed in leadership. How many Trump supporters are still thinking he is a good choice for president? 

On a happy note, here are some daffodils my husband bought me. Aren’t they glorious? 

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  1. I can only imagine how happy it makes you to have that afghan. It’s the things like that which are important.
    And daffodils. Which yes, are glorious.
    Lily and Jason stopped on their way over here today and pulled up a wild gladiola from the woods. I cut the blossom and put it in a vase and will plant the bulb.
    Now THAT is a present which shows how well they know me, how much they care. Which makes me feel loved.

    • It’s the little things that get us by. A warm blanket, a flower just for you and only you. There is so much beauty. Yes, anxiety is at an all time high but there is still good. So much of it.

  2. How I love that the afghan came home with you. Where it is cherished.
    Hooray for daffodils. Sunshine on stalks. I am still planting bulbs and hope you a spectacular display.

  3. Your daffodils would look lovely in your purple room, opposite colours and everything! Happy Easter to you, too. -Jenn

  4. I was gone yesterday so I didn’t get to see the pictures of your bedroom until today. I love the wall color. It’s perfect and everything ties in with it wonderfully. I really love the quilt you have on your bed.

  5. How serendipitous that your grandmother’s afghan matches your room so well, or did you plan that. It’s perfect. Daffodils are so uplifting. How sweet of your husband to get them for you.

    • I was thinking about you and your beautiful afghans when I did this post. I have no doubt that one day your own little granddaughter will sleep beneath your afghans and feel your love beyond the grave just as I do with my grandmother.

  6. I love that you kept the afghan … I still have blankets and embroidered linen from my grandmothers – memories right there

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