Some Pictures Already!

Before – this used to be my daughter’s room.

After – now it is mine!


After – please notice the headboard. It took hours and hours.


The cabinet after. I wish I would have taken a before picture. It was black with a coat of primer when I bought it. It is not sitting right so I have one of my rocks under the front to level it for now. The owls belonged to my step-grandma. They were brown, yellow and white and ugly. I was going to donate them but decided to paint them purple instead. This picture gives the best look for the colour of the walls.

The dresser I have had since I was 8. It doesn’t really go with the rest of the room but I do love it and I refuse to get rid of a piece of excellent quality functional furniture. The mirror above the dresser was a tacky gold thing. Again, painted purple. The picture is my mom as a teenager. The rock structure (scroll in) was bought on a holiday. She is named Beulah. My big, fat arms-open-wide goddess.

33 thoughts on “Some Pictures Already!

    • When I saw Beulah I HAD to have her. She was mine. And my room is definitely more tranquil now. That green was so many degrees of nasty.

    • Hey, you! I miss you. Hope you are well, Lana. PS – one of the things that went back into my room, with the idea that only things I love go in there, is your pillow cover. It’s one of my most favourite possessions.

  1. Lovely! Everything looks so restful and peaceful now, just like a bedroom should be. Love your headboard and those purple owl bookends! What a great idea to paint them instead of getting rid of them!

    • My step-mom, who gave me them to me after her mom died, saw them last night and loved them. I saw something similar on Amazon for some outrageous price and decided to do mine.

  2. Beautiful! It looks so serene. I love everything about it, and the before pictures are so funny compared to it’s lovely makeover. A lot of very hard work but what a result! I hope you sleep and dream peacefully in your new sanctuary. (that’s what it looks like to me)

    PS: I have a bowl of rocks exactly like that, no kidding!

  3. Wow it is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the colour of the walls (not easy to cover green that bright). The headboard is gorgeous and your little cabinet is perfect. Tranquility and peace is what I see. Spring. :). Great job!

    • We did get a professional to do the walls. I did everything else. I think I wouldn’t have made it if I had to paint those walls.

  4. I LOVE it birdie! The lavender color is so much more restful than the green…and your bedspread is very similar to mine (so of course I think you have great taste). The headboard also turned out really nice and so did your furniture. What are those pretty glass orbs hanging from the ceiling?

    I’m so happy you have a restful space to call your own…it’s been a life changing experience to have my own little sanctuary, and I hope you get as much out of yours as I get out of mine. Thanks for the before/after pics!

    • It’s weird, but I have always loved ceilings! When I was very small I wanted to get married up there. Once I broke my mom’s full length mirror trying to get up there. I couldn’t have been anymore than 3. Anyway, yes they are glass orbs. I still have one more to put up.

  5. Your room looks beautiful and the colors are very peaceful. You did a fantastic job. My room is so small that trying to decorate it is a laugh. So it’s white walls and a pretty quilt on the bed and that will have to do.

    • If you did do colour it would have to be light. In my little condo I had a small bedroom and made the mistake of painting it blue. It was pretty but so dark! Maybe pick a colour out of your quilt and just do a wall?

    • I am not happy one to stick to projects. I get all gung ho then get tired and give up. But I couldn’t stop halfway or I would be reminded whenever I went to bed that it was still not done.

  6. I love it Birdie. It turned out so well. The bedspread is really pretty. I bet you had to keep going in there to look at it after you finished. So nice. Enjoy!

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