The Cabinet Debacle

Are you all starting to think I have made up that I am redoing my bedroom? How many posts have I promised that I was going to post pictures tomorrow? It has been one problem after another. One of the things I did was take my old wrought iron bed frame and strip it and paint it. Sounds like a simple job? Ha! It has been ongoing issues. Well, thankfully it finally got put onto the actual bed frame today. And it looks exactly like I imagined. Better, actually. One of the other projects I have been working on is an old cabinet that I found in a second-hand store.  My guess is the original home was in some type of shop. It was in horrible shape and someone had thrown on a coat of primer. But I saw potential. Little did I know that 3 weeks later I would still be working on it. Yes, I have taken time off for poor weather but I have worked on it most days.  It started with sanding. Then primer. More sanding. More primer. More sanding.  Then actual painting.  Then more painting. Then touch ups. Today my husband helped me put on the doors. More problems. Because the original owner just sort of slapped it together there were issues with that. (The doors were off when I bought it.) Because there were so many problems with the doors it got knackered so now it needs more paint touch ups.


I just want all of this done already. So, not tomorrow. Because I will be painting and it will need to dry. Maybe Sunday. Or sometime in 2035.

Today while we were in our shed/shop I saw one of Norbert’s clone. I was confused initially because Norbert had escaped earlier in the day and I thought my husband had got him back in.  So I went outside and called him and he ran away, just like Norbert. All sneaky and slithering like. But, it wasn’t Norbert. It was the clone. Norbert was inside.

Now I am sitting and tired from working hard at work and working hard at home. Thankfully, I slept like the dead last night. I went to bed at 8:00 and was too tired to even read so I listened to, “Breakfast With Buddha”.  I’m really enjoying it.  I set the timer for 30 minutes and don’t remember it ending so I would have been asleep by 8:30. I woke up at 6:30.
Look who is gracing me with his presence.

19 thoughts on “The Cabinet Debacle

  1. Your perseverance is admirable to say the least!
    No, Marley was Norbert’s true clone….or doppelganger. That picture really makes me miss her, right down to the width of that butt.

  2. One of our cats had a clone. I was looking for him one morning when I came across a neighbour I hadn’t met. She told me that she picked up her Pongo from the front door mat, only to have him shriek and run out the door and away.. And just as she was about to give chase Pongo headbutted her legs from behind.
    I am glad you got a good nights sleep. About time. And am looking forward to seeing the results of your hard work – in the fullness of time but preferably before 2035.

  3. you sound so exhausted by doing all this work my friend,but glad that you picked nice thing to listen and slept early which i count blessing though but often miss it.

    • Oh, Angella. I really don’t. I just get small bursts and try the use them effectively. Most days I am bone tired. I spend a lot of time just sitting with my iPad. After work today I fell into the deepest sleep and I am still tired and looking forward to bed. I want you to know this because I just post when I do things. I don’t post the hours of doing nothing. Most days. Depressed and anxious.

  4. Hard work and diligence pays off in the end. I will be patient and wait for the pictures no matter when you post them. I finally got my good night’s sleep, thank you for the melatonin. You must have something that Norbert wants. Like a hand to pet him with for a brief amount of time.

  5. HAHAHA! Clone Norbert 🙂 I love stories about him. Or is it a her? Could be either, I guess. The back of Norbert looks exactly like one of my cats. Maybe she’s the clone. Although that would involve teleportation. They’re cats. Anything’s possible.

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