A Kitty Kind of Day

Do you all remember this post? I was sitting in my car between clients and a cat jumped on my car. Today I was sitting in roughly the same spot and she appeared again. 

 It’s hard to see her in the last picture but she is in the bark mulch. She ran and hid when someone was walking by. 

At my next client there are two cats. Today the tortoiseshell was so happy I was there. She was all but sitting on my lap. She laid on the client communication book so I had to work around her. She was purring up a storm! She was batting at my pen as I documented medications. She was so loving I didn’t want to leave. 

Then I came home and Norbert ignored me. 😁

Addendum- As soon as I wrote that Norbert came to sit beside me. 

16 thoughts on “A Kitty Kind of Day

  1. I am glad that you have cats in your day. Furry, purry cats.
    And of course Norbert ignored you – until you wrote it down. They are so skilled at making fibbers out of us. Or some of them (Norbert and Jazz).

  2. I’m envious of your super friendly cat moment. Neither one of my cats is particularly affectionate and I wish they were. -Jenn

  3. I love the different characters of cats. Each one is unique. Today I was telling my daughter on the phone that one of our cats is anti social and barely hangs out with us. As soon as I hung up the phone that anti social furball came over all affectionate and clingy. Huh??? Sometimes I swear these beasts understand everything we say and toy with us 🙂

  4. I love that you have others cats in your world. They need love too, and enjoy humans and they know when someone loves them…

  5. As Steve Reed said in a comment the other day- cats are such contrarians. They are also sometimes mysterious and weird. And then other times, simply loving.

  6. Cats be wonderful creatures. They reject fakes, they know who we are and when the bestow their love it’s kind of magical🐱

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