Norbert in His Teepee

One of you asked for a picture of Norbert in his teepee but I can’t remember who it was. He hadn’t been in it for a few days because that’s the way he rolls. Because I wanted him to go in he would not. But today my husband put Norbert into a rage because he wanted to sit at his computer on his computer chair. Well, Norbert was sitting there. Hence, the rage. He stormed off and spent a few minutes rustling in the rainbow tissue paper then sat and glared. Tell me he is not glaring.

Ah, that cat.

In other news, I am trying to finish painting. Nobody told me it would take so long. Sanding, primerimg, more sanding, painting, second coat painting, touch ups. And you can’t just do it all on the same day because you have to let the coats dry between coats. And then if you make a mistake, which I do a lot, a lot, a lot, you have to fix the mistake.  I swear, I’m not any closer to finishing than I was two weeks ago.

The dandelions are out. Spring is here.

22 thoughts on “Norbert in His Teepee

  1. I think I could really like your cat! I like a cat with a unique personality. I wish you all the best in your painting and hope you are finished, furniture moved in and everything done soon. -Jenn

    • Of all the cats I have had he is personality plus. I had another cat that I loved like Norbert, her name was Harriet, but she was different because she was so affectionate. She was needy like a dog. I still miss her and get sad when I think about her.

  2. Yeah, I bought one of those cat teepees for Her Royal Highness when they first came on the market. She would not deign to go inside it. Big effen’ diva! But apparently so is Norbert the Ungrateful Bastard. At least he’s inside it though, glaring at you or not.

  3. I love this teepee! I wonder if my cats would enjoy something like this. Nah. It would probably be a waste of money as is everything I make a real effort to get them. Yes, he is definitely glaring. And plotting a murder 🙂

    • I paid $5.00 for it on sale at London Drugs. I absolutely would not spend any more than that on luxuries for an ungrateful cat. 😂

  4. I love it when cats look at you like that, Marley used to do it all the time.
    They want to be in their own world but they still want to be in yours too.
    Their so reliable though….they always get over it.

  5. Oh yes he is not happy at all! Haha.

    And yes decorating is just like that, and all the preparation is boring, but if you skip it, you regret it later on when the painting looks crap!

  6. Norbert and Maurice are definitely related. They come from the Glare Family.
    And yet- how we love them!
    I don’t even try to paint. I’m impressed by your efforts and abilities.

    • It’s not really an ability. I probably wouldn’t have even started if I knew it was so time consuming. Ah, but it is raining today and you can’t paint in the rain. I’m not sad.

  7. He looks very handsome with those colors. Cats are masters at the glare. I need a teepee to pout in!

    • Wouldn’t that be nice! Time out for adults. Except we put ourselves there. And we get to curse and say mean things to anyone that disturbs us. My problem is I would end up spending weeks at a time in there.

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