He Was Going into a Depression 

Poor Norbert, indeed. You all expressed sympathy towards Norbert because of the cone of shame. Today I had salmon for lunch and Norbert was so depressed that he didn’t even try to get some. If I open salmon he is there in a blink. He just sat on the couch looking melancholy.  It was time for a break so I took the cone off. It was a grooming frenzy! 

Afterwards he went into his cat teepee for a nap. 

28 thoughts on “He Was Going into a Depression 

    • I am pretty sure it was intended for a dog but if Norbert knew that he wouldn’t use it. PS – my real name is Barbara. 💕

  1. I’ve never seen a cat teepee. I can see he is a much loved cat. You are good cat parents. Joanne

    • He especially loves the masses of tissue paper we added. He goes and and rustles around foe several minutes before burying himself and going to sleep.

    • I kind of laugh at how we all feel sorry for him. He lives better than a king. He has no worries. No job to go to. His food, good food is served to him. He sleeps when he wants and where he wants. But, put a cone on him. Poor unloved cat. What a horrible thing. We need to give him extra love and attention!

    • Ha! It does frustrate him. It’s back on so he doesn’t scratch in the night. It’s easy to keep an eye on him during the day.

    • He’s 12 this year. We got him as a rescue when he was 10 weeks. He was such a funny cat, with so much personality even back then. There were 5 kittens in the litter, all identical. He walked right over to me. He chose me and has been making me acknowledged how grateful I should be ever since.

  2. They hate those cones. I hope he doesn’t need it for long. That cat teepee is a hoot. I’ve never see that.

  3. What a great cat. I’m glad you took the cone off for a while. Love the teepee. I can see he lives a happy, well loved life.

  4. I love that cat tepee, please can we see a photo of him in it? Apologies if I’ve missed any you already posted. Poor old thing those cones look like the worst.

    • Oh, no. He lives in a perpetual funk. He likes it that way. Sometimes he gets all happy and excited but as soon as we laugh he sits with his back to us.

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