A Do Nothing Day

My one week off work was marvellous. It was. We went on a mini holiday and got the house painted. I got so much done. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. I could get used to not working. 

During this time I have worked on my annual Spring Fling. The goal was 10 items in 10 days but I have blown past that. I have lost count but I would say I’m close to 200 things. For anyone who has hoarding tendencies like I do this is the best way to not get into a hoard. It’s also the best way out of a hoard. I’ve touched lightly on it in the past but I used to be a hoarder. There were the literal paths around the house. We didn’t/couldn’t enter the living room for over a year. I didn’t have company for a few years there. It was horrible. I didn’t get out of the hoard with any help with the exception of my dad who would haul stuff away occasionally in his truck. Mostly I did it one box at a time. If I came across anything that I no longer wanted or needed it went into a box by the door. When the box was full I brought it to a thrift store. It took awhile but I finally got out of the mess. Now? There is always a box on the sun deck if I come across something that I no longer use. I am more of a minimalist now. If I don’t use something it goes. If I don’t love something it goes.  I rarely buy things. With the exception of books. I tried to go through my 500+ book library and got rid of 7. And I actually haven’t got rid of them yet because they are just sitting in front of my bookcases and not in boxes where they belong. I’m sure I will get to them. Books are my hoarding Waterloo. 

My coffee just finished percolating. I don’t think I have ever told you all about my coffee percolator. We found it at a thrift store auction. We had a coffee maker made of crappy plastic and it broke so we needed a new one. We put in a bid of $10.00 and won it.  It is quite old, probably made in the 60’s. It’s all metal and makes great coffee. The funny thing is the cord. If you buy anything today the cord is a couple of feet. The cord on this thing is about 6 feet. We have an island in our kitchen and you can plug it in near the sink and stretch the cord across to the island. 

Well, today is my last day off and I really do intend to do nothing. I am so tired. My husband and I might go for a drive to a thrift store because I am replacing my monstrosity night stand for something much smaller. I’m not kidding.  This thing has three huge drawers and measures 2 feet x 2 feet. It could be used as a dresser. Of course, it’s from my hoarding days and all that space is no longer needed. And it’s ugly. 

I just sneezed and scared Norbert.  That was funny. And now a dog just walked by outside and he had a look on his face between revulsion and sanctimony. He thinks he’s better than any other living thing on the planet. 

25 thoughts on “A Do Nothing Day

  1. I loved this post 🙂 I think you are wonderwoman with all the cleaning and projects you got done. My weakness was decorating magazine, I love them but unfortunately (well, maybe fortunately) I lost them all when I lost my house….but I am slowing beginning again….:) I love the story about the coffee pot, I remember my mom’s. I was too young to drink coffee but I really liked to see that little bubble of coffee the came up through the glass knob. I wonder if yours has that?

  2. I had forgotten that you used to hoard! I am so impressed that you have been able to make such a huge change in your life. I mean that, Birdie! That is big.

    • It is still such a source of shame for me. I don’t like thinking or talking about it. My only hope is my words might help someone else.

  3. Books, right??? I cannot part with any of my books. I return to them all eventually, for a re-read or to find highlighted passages. Books are my oxygen. I have no idea how many I own. Guess I’m a book hoarder too.

    • There is a fantastic app called Sort It! It has every book I own. A great way to keep track so you are not buying the same books twice. It costs a few dollars but it pays for itself.

  4. I do love cleaning and organizing, but I think it is good to have a do nothing day every now and then. Glad you have one.

  5. I have a box that sits in my lounge that is the hospice box and if I find something we don’t need or use, in it goes

  6. I really like your strategy for keeping things at a minimum. I’ve been a minimalist my whole life. It’s a regular process. You have to keep things in check or else they spin out of control. I used to have trouble getting rid of books but now I’m great with it. I offer my kids the books I’ve read first and if they don’t want them out they go. I rationalized that I only have so many years to live and so many books I’m able to read in that time. I may as well concentrate on books I haven’t read yet instead of keeping the old ones around that I know I will never have time to read again! 🙂 Hey, well have our quirky ways!

    • My problem is my books become like friends. I grow to love the characters, even the ones I love to hate! Sometimes I like revisiting them. As an aside, have you ever read anything by Susan Juby? A Canadian author similar to Miriam Toews. If not, try The Woefield Poultry Collective. So funny!

  7. I hear you on the books. I love them, and reread them and find it very hard to give them up.
    Norbert and Jazz are definitely related. Closely related.
    You deserve a nothing day , and I hope you got it and loved it.

  8. You are awesome!! When we lived in Maryland, my basement got out of control. It already had too much junk in it, and when my son came home from college and put all his junk down there, it was ridiculous. When we moved back home, we made many trips to the dump and Goodwill. I will never let that happen again. I purge about twice a year now, and I live in a much smaller house that does not have a basement or easy access to an attic. There’s really no convenient place to store stuff. Thank goodness.

  9. Oh yes the days of long cords are well and truly gone. Even on the lawn mower which is a right pain in the arse. I’m glad you enjoyed your holiday so much.

  10. Great visual picture in that last paragraph. I could see Norbert jump up and the look on that dogs face. Awesome! Enjoy your last day☻

  11. Some short cords are a blessing, but I miss the long cords. I’m glad you had a good amount of time off and enjoyed it.

    • I know it’s a safety issue but sometimes it is a cost saving issue. I go into homes that are old and there are only a few outlets. A longer cord is helpful. ⚡️

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