Almost Done

 It is my own fault. I got cocky and thought I could spend my day off with my feet up. Ha! The painter arrived at 8:30. I was up but not dressed. I tried putting on the second coat of paint  on the bed frame but it was too damp and I ruined it. It will have to be sanded and done again. Everything I owned had to be put away and I tried to follow the rule of thumb where if you don’t love something don’t put it back and get rid of it. That is so easy with most things. Pictures of my mom as a girl. Love!  Art by my beloved Emily Carr.  Love! Little things my kids have given me. Love! Others not so much. I have no particular fondness for the nail file or pens beside my bed. If someone broke in and stole them I wouldn’t even miss them.  So what should I do with them? And what about my CPAP machine? I hate that thing but I kind of need it to not die in the night. Well, no matter. Almost everything has found a home.  The aforementioned bed frame needs to be repainted and attached and I also have an old cabinet that needs refinishing. I found it in an antique store and I can’t decide if I should cut the legs off. What do you all think? When I get those things done I will post before and after pictures.

And now I have these two loads of laundry to fold. And one more in the wash. In the last two days of I have done at least 12 loads of laundry. Ah, but everything is clean.  Oh, I also cleaned the bathroom.


When I was going through all my shit I found this. I took this picture of it then folded it up and shoved it into a back of a mirror for  some (un)lucky soul to deal with one day.  The frame is bolted in place so who knows what will become of it. No doubt it will bring someone a laugh. It’s a good likeness. Except I’m not quite that hippy. And my head is in proportion to my body.

8 thoughts on “Almost Done

  1. Love that drawing of you. It is the smile and the eyes which hold my eyes.
    I am super impressed at what you have achieved. I hope you haven’t exhausted yourself too badly.
    I like the cabinet with legs – but I would need to see it where it is going to live to be sure.

  2. I love that drawing of you! So cool. Kind of funky, too. Are you old enough to remember funky? When the dinosaurs (and I) roamed the earth, it was a popular word.

    I prefer the cabinet with legs. It gives it character.

  3. You crack me up. When I can finally relinquish the things that I don’t give a shit about, it’s the most freeing feeling. It’s getting to the relinquishment that’s the difficult part, though, right?

  4. I love that drawing and would also keep the legs if the cabinet were mine. You need to put your feet up!

  5. Oh, Sweetie. You and I both need to remember that we don’t have to do ALL the work to earn our place here on earth.
    But I can’t wait to see what your house is going to look like, all newly painted. What a good thing you are doing for yourself!

  6. That’s a cute drawing. I’d frame it and put it near my computer. As for the files and pens, I have an old coffee cup near my main computer on my desk full of that stuff.It comes in handy for when I need something to write with. Keep the legs on the cabinet. The maker made it that way for a reason.

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