Another Day of Doing Stuff

The painter showed up early and my husband and I had another day of being so busy that I don’t even remember what I did. There was painting involved. I know this because I have paint on my clothes,  We also went to the bank and the recycling depot and dropped off old paint cans and dead electronics and glass jars. Then we went to the hardware store. Again. So far, no anaphylactic reaction because I am painting outside with non-latex painted. I painted a wicker stand white. And two mirror frames a second coat of purple. And an ugly green cast-iron bed frame white. It looks awful right now and needs a second coat. 

And of course I put the bolts to reattach the headboard in a place where I knew I could find them again.  Yeah. I have no clue where I put them.  Our bed is currently in the living room and if I took two steps I could be in it.  It would be less than 5 minutes and I would be sleeping.  But then I won’t sleep tonight. And so it goes. 

JLast night I tripped in the night and have an awful bruise.  It hurt so bad that I thought I was going to throw up.  Maybe I need to take my own advice and get myself a walker. 

6 thoughts on “Another Day of Doing Stuff

  1. Can’t wait to see the new bedroom when it’s all put together! Room make-overs are so much fun. That shin bruise looks awful and those f’ers hurt SO BAD. Hugs to you and yours (loved the pic of you and your hubby on vacation in another post).

  2. Ouch that bruise looks sore! Take it easy Birdie! I can’t wait for the unveiling. It will be beautiful. Sending love and energy friend. Joanne

  3. Oh NOOOO! There goes the short shorts for at least 2 weeks 😉

    Don’t forget some pictures! Can’t wait to see the end product of your hard labor.

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