My husband and I both worked so hard today to get ready for the painter tomorrow.  I’m not sure I can even remember all I did. There was baseboard cleaning, vacuuming mattresses because they were off the bed. There was taking down curtains and emptying out rooms. More vacuuming. Laundry and more laundry. Cleaning out my car’s trunk. Grocery shopping. Making beds. Furniture got moved. Stuff taken off walls. It was endless. But now it is all done and I am sore and dinner is being cooked by my husband.  I’m still doing laundry and sorting through so much stuff. Stuff that is leaving our home to find a forever home at either the thrift store, recycling depot or landfill. There are old blankets and towels going to a cat rescue and old laptops and the like being donated to a literacy  program. I also sent out some birthday cards. And planted some primulas. I never got to finishing the spray painting of some old mirrors. Or cleaning the fireplace glass.  Tomorrow. Tomorrow.

I did remember to take a before picture of the bedrooms.  And my new comforter arrived. And now the dryer just finished and I need to go switch a load of laundry over. I intend to sleep well tonight.

10 thoughts on “Done

  1. How exciting! Good luck! Watch out for your allergies and don’t overdo it. Sleep well Birdie! Joanne

  2. I read this so fast I had to do a reread! I read that you cleaned out your “cat’s” trunk and planted some “piranhas”.

    I had to ask why Norbert had his own trunk and wondered what he had in there … Thinking that if you threw away his sh!t he just may have a pissy fit! And also wondered how and why you planted piranhas?!?! Were they alive or dead piranhas?!?

    Don’t worry … I went back and reread … It all makes sense now. Get some good Zzzz Birdie! ❤

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