A Morning Post 

It’s Saturday. Usually on Saturdays I have been up for hours at work. It is absolute luxury to still be in my robe with a coffee beside me made with chocolate milk at 10:00 in the morning.

It was beautiful when I got up this morning but now it is overcast. My day will consist of puttering about the house and watching the new episodes of Grace & Frankie. I want to love the show but I don’t because I have an aunt that is just like Grace only she isn’t funny or even kind. She was mean to my mom until my mom started actively dying and then she showed up.  Does anyone else watch that show and think that Grace is an alcoholic? I have so many alcoholics in my family and maybe I’m just jaded but the character never seems to stop drinking. I digress. I want to love the show but don’t. I do absolutely love Lily Tomlin as Frankie so I keep watching.

You all made me laugh with your comments about your cats and how they punish you. I’m actually calling Norbert right now but he is totally ignoring me. That shit wouldn’t fly with a dog.

img_0701-2I just went to find him. Here he is ignoring me. See the look of defiance and disgust on his face?  See the hatred? This will continue for a few days. And me? I love that cat! I’m going to go pick him up and hug and kiss him (which will enrage him further) and feed him Temptations. This afternoon I will read Codependent No More.

9 thoughts on “A Morning Post 

  1. I haven’t seen Frankie and Grace. Mostly I watch YouTube, so I miss a lot of shows. But I think Lillie Tomlin is the funniest person on the planet. And I don’t have cats for that very reason. Torturing him with kindness seems like a good plan to me.

  2. I haven’t seen Frankie and Grace. Alcoholics? The one in my family was more than enough.
    It is Sunday morning (early) here. Jazz got me up (very early – before 4) and has retired back to bed. Shortly I may get him up.
    Enjoy your day.

  3. “Codependent No More,” LOL! We watched the first season of “Grace & Frankie” but haven’t gotten around to watching the new second season yet. All the characters have issues, each in their own ways, so yes, Grace drinks too much, among other things.

  4. I don’t watch that show either. I’m in my pjs today just lazing. It feels great! I love torturing cats with kisses when they want to act mad. Funniest thing in the world!!!! Joanne

  5. HAHAHA! You always make me smile. I actually pick up and cradle and love one of our cats to death. Because she’s so good natured. The other one is a little fearful and would shred my face if I ever attempted that. No matter how much she adores me.

    • I have to say that is one thing that Norbert doesn’t do. He will growl but won’t bite or scratch. I think it is mostly because he’s lazy.

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